Orange Pi Zero ABS Case User Guide


  • This black case is only suitable for the OrangePi Zero.
  • Not applicable to OrangePi Zero2 and other development boards ! ! !


  • This product is a special box for the Orange Pi Zero development board + expansion board, using environmentally friendly ABS material.
  • Small body, fine workmanship, precise hole position, seamless combination, with fences on the side, better heat dissipation.
  • Simple design and easy installation.


  • Product Name: Orange Pi Zero ABS Case
  • Model: Orange Pi Zero Case
  • Material: Environmentally friendly ABS
  • Colour: Black
  • Dimensions: 56mm x 51mm x 36mm


Price: $5.89
Part Number: Orange Pi Zero ABS Case
Brand: Spotpear
SKU: 0102146