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PI5-CASE-H User Guide


[] Do not include Raspberry Pi5, Please Buy alone.


[] Aluminium Alloy Case For Raspberry Pi 5, Adopts Temperature-Controlled Blower Fan, Faster Heat Dissipation, More Durable

【More Details

[] Aluminium Alloy Case, With Temperature-Controlled Blower Fan And Aluminium Heatsink, For Better Heat Dissipation
[] Adopts Advanced Metal Cutting Processing, With Precise Openings For Sorts Of Connectors, More Convenient For Wiring

【Fast Heat Dissipation For Stable Operation

[] The Fins Work Together With The Cooling Fan To Accelerate Heat Dissipation, Ensuring Stable Operation Of The Raspberry Pi 5

【Installation example

[] The Case Consists Of Upper And Lower Cover Plates, With Thermal Tapes, Easy To Install

[] * for reference only, the Raspberry Pi 5 is NOT included.
[] If you need to install peripherals such as a camera and DSI display, please connect the peripheral cables first before installing the upper plate.