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Raspberry Pi 5 PCIe to M.2 NVMe SSD Adapter Board HAT Pi5-PCIe-MPS2242-2230-Board


Date:2024-03-08 18:04
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Use of high-quality electronic components;  Gold sinking process, lead-free production;  2A current design;  The concave design above the board is convenient for the operation of 40Pin GPIO


[] Raspberry PI 5 itself only supports PCle x1, and supports Gen2 and Gen3 modes

[], support NVMe SSD support 2242/2230 size SSD (default only 2242 copper column welding)

[] Support booting system from NVME SSD hard disk and storage expansion can also use SSD only for storage expansion and system booting from TF

[] The adapter board power circuit uses 2A current design, limited by the Raspberry PI 5 PCIE interface current limit (5V1A), the adapter board can provide the SSD output capacity of 3.3V 1.5A or more.

Generally, the rated current of the SSD may be 2.5A, 2.7A or even 3A, but this current corresponds to the limit value of X4 mode, and the Raspberry PI 5 only supports X1 mode, so the actual current used is much smaller than the rated current, and our design meets most of the needs of the hard disk.

[] Onboard Power Indicator (" PWR ") and M.2 Hard Disk Running Indicator (" ACT ")

[] Use of high-quality electronic components; Gold sinking process, lead-free production.

[] Four M2.5 fixed holes, concave design above the board, easy to use 40Pin GPIO operation.

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