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Raspberry Pi 5 PCIe to M.2 NVMe SSD Mini One-Body Board HAT Integrated-FPC & 90R Differential Matchi


Date:2024-03-26 16:48
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Designed for the Raspberry Pi 5, this is a mini PCIe to M.2 SSD expansion board with an integrated differential line design. It's more compact and stable.

[] This product has applied for a patent. Piracy will be investigated [] 本产品已申请专利。盗版必究

A PCIe to M.2 NVMe SSD Board designed specifically for Pi 5
[] Super thin

[] Doesn't use extra GPIO pins
[] Integrated design enhances stability without needing extra cables
[] Differential line design for higher speed and better compatibility
[] Compatible with Raspberry Pi's official Active Cooler and fits inside the official case.