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Raspberry Pi OLED LCD HAT 2inch IPS LCD Main Screen Dual 0.96inch Blue OLED Secondary Screens


Date:2023-09-26 17:07
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Raspberry Pi OLED/LCD HAT, Onboard 2inch IPS LCD Main Screen And Dual 0.96inch Blue OLED Secondary Screens, With 40PIN GPIO Header, Compatible With Raspberry Pi Series Boards

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[] Do not include Raspberry Pi


[] The OLED/LCD HAT (A) features a 2-inch IPS screen with the built-in ST7789VW driver and support using SPI communication. Also, it boasts a wide viewing angle and supports a 262K color display with 240x320 resolution. Dual 0.96-inch OLED screen with a built-in driver, support using I2C communication, and blue display with 128x64 resolution for displaying key information, status indicator, or mini graphics. In addition, we provide demos for Raspberry Pi (BCM2835 library, WiringPi library, and Python demo), STM32, and Arduino.


[] Standard Raspberry Pi 40PIN GPIO header, compatible with Raspberry Pi series boards

[] 2inch IPS LCD Main Screen with built in ST7789VW driver chip, SPI interface communication, wide viewing angle, supports 262K color display, 240×320 resolution

[] Dual 0.96inch OLED secondary screens with built in SSD1315 driver chip, I2C interface communication, blue display color, 128×64 resolution, can be used to display key informations, status indicator messages or small graphics

[] Onboard 4x user-defined keys for extended applications

[] Comes with online development resources and manual (Raspberry Pi/VisionFive2/Arduino/STM32, etc.)

Onboard 4x User-Defined Keys

[] Supports Customizing The Key Function, Easy To Use

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