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Sipeed Lichee Tang Nano 20K FPGA RISCV Open-Source Retro-Game Linux MINI Development Board GW2AR-18


Date:2024-05-24 14:02
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Tang Nano 20K is a new development board in the SIPEED Tang Nano series, with the same number of logical units as Tang Primer 20K, but compressed to an extreme size of 5.5×2.3 cm! The built-in low-latency 64Mbits SDRAM makes it easier to run NES emulators, as well as soft-core linux systems. The on-board download chip is upgraded to USB2.0HS interface, with high-speed JTAG download, serial communication, high-speed SPI reception, and the function of configuration of precise clock - compared to the previous Nano series FPGA chip is a huge upgrade. Maker design? A Retro console? DIY development? Learning Verilog? RISC-V soft core? Can satisfy you.

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