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Sipeed Lichee Tang Nano 9K FPGA MINI Development Board GW1NR-9 GOAI Gowin


Date:2024-05-22 15:59
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Sipeed Tang Nano 9K FPGA development board Gaoyun GW1NR-9 RISC-V RV HDMI, support 9x9,18x18, 36x36bit multiplication and 54bit accumulator, on-board BL702 chip, Provides USB-JTAG download and USB-UART serial port printing functions for GW1NR-9

【Product introduction】

【Product configuration】

【Product function】

【Product size】

【Product pin】

【Product selection comparison】

【Product environment】

[]Tang Nano 9K is developed using the Gowin cloud source Software IDE. It supports common hardware description language, and can quickly implement IP core invocation, code synthesis, layout, bit stream file generation and other related work in FPGA development.

【Product download method】

[]Tang Nano 9K develops the onboard BL702 chip, which provides USB-JTAG download and USB-UART debugging for the GW1NL-9. Users only need to use the USB-C cable to connect the development board to the computer to complete the download operation, without the need to purchase another downloader and cumbersome wiring.