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Industrial-grade RS232 to RS485/422 Active Digital Isolated Serial Converter SP3232EEN SP485EN


Date:2023-11-30 17:52
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Industrial-grade RS232 to RS485/422 Active Digital Isolated Serial Converter adopts the SP3232EEN and SP485EN chip solution with an RS232 DB9 female interface. It supports bidirectional conversion between RS232 and RS485/422, housed in an industrial DIN rail-mounted ABS environmentally friendly enclosure. The converter supports wall-mounting and DIN rail installation and integrates various industrial protective features.

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[] Utilizes SP3232EEN+SP485EN chip solution for high-speed, stable, reliable, and highly compatible communication

[] Stable transmission rates, reliable communication speeds ranging from 300 to 921600bps

[] Onboard integrated power isolation providing stable isolation voltage, no additional power supply required for isolated terminals

[] Onboard integrated digital isolation for signal isolation, offering high reliability, strong interference resistance, and low power consumption

[] Incorporates TVS (Transient Voltage Suppression) diodes to effectively suppress surge and transient peak voltages, providing lightning and electrostatic discharge protection

[] Includes self-recovery fuses and protective diodes on board to ensure stable current and voltage output, protecting against overcurrent and overvoltage, enhancing shock resistance

[] Features 15KV ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) isolation protection and 600W lightning surge protection

[] Includes onboard 120-ohm termination resistors for RS485/RS422 interfaces, default disabled, adjustable via jumper caps

[] Terminal power interface onboard, supporting a wide voltage range of 5~36V DC

[] External 3 LED indicators for easy monitoring of power and signal transmission/reception status

[] Industrial DIN rail-mounted ABS environmentally friendly enclosure, compact size, easy installation, high cost-performance ratio


[] Product Type: Active Digital Isolated RS232 to RS485/422 Serial Converter

[] Power Supply Interface

Supply Voltage: 5 ~ 36V DC

Interface Protection: Reverse connection protection

[] Communication Speed: 300 ~ 921600bps (Recommended for reliable communication in the range of 300~115200bps for long distances)

[] Device Interfaces: RS232, RS485/422

[] RS232 Interface

Interface Type: DB9 Male/Female

Transmission Distance: Approximately 15 meters

Transmission Mode: Point-to-point

[] RS485/422 Interface

Interface Type: Terminal block

Direction Control: Hardware automatic detection and control of data transmission direction

Interface Protection: Provides 600W lightning, surge, and 15KV electrostatic protection

Termination Resistor: 120 ohms, switchable through a switch

Transmission Distance: Approximately 1200 meters

Transmission Mode: Point-to-multipoint (up to 32 nodes, recommend adding a repeater for 16 nodes and above)

[] Product Appearance

Enclosure: DIN rail-mounted ABS environmentally friendly enclosure, suitable for 35mm DIN rail

Dimensions: 81.9 × 54.0 × 32.0mm

【Version Selection

【Interface Overview

【Pin Definitions

[] Interface: V+, V-, RB, RB, RB, TA

[] RS485:

5V~36V Power Supply Positive

Power Supply Negative/Signal Ground

Not Connected (N/C)

Not Connected (N/C)

Differential Signal Negative (B-)

Differential Signal Positive (A+)

[] RS422:

5V~36V Power Supply Positive

Power Supply Negative/Signal Ground

Receive Differential Signal Negative (R-)

Receive Differential Signal Positive (R+)

Transmit Differential Signal Negative (T-)

Transmit Differential Signal Positive (T+)

【Product Dimensions