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Raspberry Pi 11.9inch IPS LCD HDMI Display Long Bar Screen Capacitive Touchscreen Optional 320×1480


Date:2023-10-25 17:25
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Raspberry Pi 11.9inch IPS LCD HDMI Display Long Bar Screen Capacitive Touchscreen Optional 320×1480


[] This product is a general 11.9-inch HDMI display with 320 x 1480 resolution. It can be used as a secondary screen for the PC case and also supports Raspberry Pi and Jetson Nano.


[] 11.9-inch IPS display with a hardware resolution of 320 x 1480.

[] Zinc alloy case, toughened glass panel with up to 6H hardness.

[] When working as a computer monitor, it supports Windows 11 / 10 /8.1 / 8 /7, driver-free.

[] When working with Raspberry Pi, it supports Raspberry Pi OS / Ubuntu / Kali and Retropie, driver-free.

[] When working with Jetson Nano, it supports Ubuntu, driver-free.

[] Support backlight control for power saving.

[] Support 5-point capacitive touch control (only for the touch version).


[] Size: 11.9 inches.

[] Resolution: 320x1480.

[] Display Interface: HDMI interface.

[] Display Panel: IPS.

[] Viewing Angle: 170 degrees.

[] Speakers: Built-in high-fidelity speakers.

[] Casing: Zinc alloy die-casting.

[] Touch Type: Capacitive touch (optional).

[] Touch Panel: Toughened glass panel.

[] Supports Software Dimming.

Version Options

Device & System Support

[] Raspberry Pi

[] Supports Raspberry Pi OS, 5-point touch, driver free

[] Supports Ubuntu / Kali / WIN10 IoT, single point touch, driver free

[] Supports Retropie, driver free

[] Supports all versions of Raspberry Pi

[] Jetson Nano

[] Supports Ubuntu, single point touch, driver free

[] Core3566

[] Supports Debian / Linux, 5-point touch, driver free

[] PC

[] Supports Windows 11 / 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7, 5-point touch, driver free

Vivid Colors For More Delicate Picture

[] IPS Screen With Excellent Display Performance Brings An Amazing Visual Experience

Plug & Play Without Driver

[] Supports HDMI Signal Input, Landscape And Portrait Mode Switchable In The System* To Meet Various Usage Scenarios

[] * The display orientation is portrait by default, 320×1480 resolution (H×V). Change the software config for landscape display.

Five-Point Touch, Sensitive And Smooth

[] The Touch Display Adopts Toughened Glass Panel And The Same Type Of Capacitive Screen As The Mobile Phone, Sensitive And Smooth

Dual-Track Stereo Speaker

[] Dual-Track Stereo Speaker, High-Fidelity Sound Quality, Greatly Enhances Your Listening Experience

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