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Original Official 5V5A PD Power 27W Type-C USB Power For Raspber Pi 5


Brand:Raspberry Pi
Date:2023-10-31 16:25
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Original Official 5V5A PD Power 27W Type-C USB Power For Raspber Pi 5


[] The new 27W USB-C PD (power delivery) power supply enables Raspberry Pie 5 to support a wider range of peripherals by providing a maximum power supply capacity of 5.1V/5A.

[] When using the standard 5V 3A(15W)USB-C power adapter on Raspberry Pi 5, by default, we must limit the downstream USB current to 600mA to ensure that there is enough margin to support these workloads.

[] This is lower than the 1.2A limit on Raspberry Pi 4, but it is usually enough to drive mice, keyboards and other low-power peripherals.

[] If Raspberry Pi 5 firmware detects the power supply, it will increase the USB current limit to 1.6A, thus providing the downstream USB devices with 5W extra power and 5W extra onboard power budget: it is a great boon for users who want to try overclocking Raspberry Pi5 and drive high-power peripherals such as hard drives and solid-state drives.

[] The USB-C PD Power Supply can also provide 3A @ 9V, 2.25A @ 12V and 1.8A @ 15V for products supporting PD- standard, which is a universal and cost-effective product, not only used for raspberry pie motherboards.


[] OUTPUT : 5.1V/5A, 9V/3A, 12V/2.25A, 15V/1.8A (Power Delivery)

[] INPUT : AC 100~240V


[] COLOR : white

[] SPECIFICATIONS : 1.2m cable length, 18AWG, USB Type-C output connector