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Raspberry Pi PICO RP2040 Keyboard 3key COPY Lazy Programmable Mechanical Keyboard


Date:2023-12-19 16:41
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Raspberry Pi PICO RP2040 Shortcut Keyboard Lazy Keyboard Ctrl C V Programmer's Three-Key Programmable Keyboard Mechanical Keyboard Free-driver

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[] RP2040 microcontroller chip independently designed by Raspberry Pi

[] Equipped with a dual core ARM Cortex M0+processor, running at a frequency of up to 133MHz with a flexible clock

[] Adopting dual Type-C interfaces (optional), supporting driver free plug and play

[] The three buttons default to "Ctrl", "C", and "V", and can be customized through programming. They come with double-layer black keycaps without characters that can be replaced on their own

[] The keyboard adopts hot swappable technology, and users can replace the shaft body themselves

[] The default axis body adopts a dust-proof blue axis, providing a more obvious sense of key paragraph and mechanical feeling

[] The buttons have RGB lighting effects and can be set according to needs

Version selection

[] RP2040-Keyboard-3: Basic version, acrylic cover plate

[] RP2040-Keyboard-3-PLUS: Upgraded CNC Metal Case

Type-C interface

[] Adopting dual Type-C interfaces (Optional), driver free plug and play, convenient to carry

Adopt hot plug technology

[] Users can change the shaft body by themselves.

Dustproof shaft

[] Provide a more obvious sense of key paragraphs and machinery.

[] Total stroke: 4.00mm

[] Conduction stroke: 2.20 ± 0.6mm

[] Conduction force: 50 ± 10gf

[] Trigger force: 60 ± 10gf

[] Tactile stroke: 1.80mm

[] To low trigger force: 30gf Min

[] Termination force: 65gf Max

Support variety of software

Colorful lighting effect

[] Users can customize the backlight effect of keys according to their preferences and usage habits.

Custom key function

[] In addition to using the default "Ctrl"+"C/V" functions, other key functions can be set by programming. The key cap can also be replaced with a double-layer black key cap, and the interlayer supports placing self-made labels or stickers

[] Note: The pictures are for display only, and the specific effect is subject to the real thing.

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