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ESP32 UART USB Bus Servo ST RSBL Driver board For Raspberry PI Robot


Date:2024-06-07 14:09
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Serial Bus Servo Driver HAT, Integrates ESP32 and Servo Control Circuit, Suitable for ST / RSBL Series Serial Bus Servos

【Product Details】

Serial Bus Servo Driver HAT Designed for Serial Bus Servos, Integrates ESP32 and Servo Control Circuit

Allows Controlling Up To 253 Serial Bus Servos At The Same Time Via ESP32 UART Or USB Port, Can Be Used As The Main Controller Of The Robotics Projects

【Features At A Glance】

[] Allows controlling up to 253 ST / RSBL series serial bus servos at the same time

[] 9~25V wide voltage input (the input voltage and the servo voltage must be matched)

[] Based on the ESP32-WROOM-32 module, supports wired and wireless communication

[] Provides multiple control demos for different host controllers

[] Supports controlling the serial bus servos directly via onboard USB Type-C port

[] Supports connecting to Raspberry Pi, powering the Pi via integrated 5V buck regulator circuit and communicating through GPIO UART interface, neat cable management


POWER SUPPLY PORTXT60 connector, 5.5×2.5 mm DC jack
POWER SUPPLY9~25V (the input voltage and the servo voltage must be matched)
PCB SIZE65×57 mm

【Application Examples】

[] Servos will provide various feedback like position, speed, torque lock, and operating mode (servo mode, servo motor mode, etc.) for advanced projects requiring closed-loop automatic control

[] The host controller can control the serial bus servos by sending JSON commands and obtain feedback information in JSON format, more convenient for secondary development.

[] Ideal choice for building quadruped robots, hexapod walkers, robotic arms and other robotic projects requiring multiple servos

Serial Bus Servo Driver HAT for building quadruped robots Serial Bus Servo Driver HAT for building hexapod walkers


* images here are for reference ONLY

Compatible Servos

Supports ST / RSBL Series Bus Servos And Selecting Power Supply Input According To The Servo Used

Note: When using the different servo models at the same time, please pay attention to whether the power input can meet the requirements of all the servos.

UART Serial Bus Control

Allows Controlling Up To 253 Serial Bus Servos At The Same Time

* for reference only, the servos in the picture are NOT included.

Note: though one channel UART can control up to 253 bus servos, due to the high power of the servos, it is necessary to consider whether the power supply solution is enough when using too many servos.

Wired Control Mode

Supports Sending JSON Commands To ESP32 For Controlling The Serial Bus Servos, Or Directly Sending Control Commands To The Servos Via USB Type-C Port. Comes With Python Demo.

Wireless Control Mode

The Bus Servo Driver HAT (A) Will Automatically Establish A Hotspot After Powering On, Allows Users To Connect And Control The Driver Board Via Mobile Phones, Tablets And PCs With The Cross-Platform Web Application We Provided

Suitable For Raspberry P 5 / 4B

Supports Powering The Pi And Communicating Through GPIO UART Interface, Neat Cable Management

ESP32 Controller, Extensive Resources

Easy Secondary Development

Built-In WiFi And Bluetooth, As Well As ESP-NOW Support, For Remote Control And Servo Debugging

What's On Board

1.ESP32 module

2.DCDC 5V buck regulator

3.UART control switch

4.Reset button

5.BOOT button

for entering downloading mode

6.Raspberry Pi 40PIN header

7.ESP32 Type-C port


8.Serial bus servo Type-C port

9.XT60 connector

10.5.5×2.5 DC power jack

11.Power supply screw terminal

12.RS485 serial bus servo header

13.TTL serial bus servo headers

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