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Raspberry Pi 5 POE With PD Trigger Activation Type C Power Over Ethernet 802.3af/at For Pi5


Date:2024-04-03 15:29
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The Raspberry Pi 5 Ethernet power expansion board supports the IEEE 802.3af/at network standards. It is ideal for use with PoE routers or switches that also support these standards, allowing for both power and network connectivity to the Raspberry Pi through a single Ethernet cable. This setup utilizes Type C for power delivery, offering higher current suitable for the Raspberry Pi 5 and includes a PD active protocol to prevent the 5A startup warning.


[] The Raspberry Pi 5 POE board With PD Activation supports the IEEE 802.3af/at network standards

[] The product includes a PD protocol IC to prevent the 5A warning at Raspberry Pi startup.
[] Don't occupy Raspberry Pi 40P GPIO.

[] Offers Type C power supply for higher current, ensuring a more standard power supply For Pi5
[] Supports the installation of the Raspberry Pi official Active Cooler.
[] Input: 37V~57V / Output: 5V 4.5A (MAX)

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