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[] Do not include the Jetson Nano Module And Fan. Please Buy alone .

Product Introduction
[] Based on the Jetson Nano Module (sold separately), it provides various peripheral interfaces such as USB, Ethernet, HDMI, CSI, GPIO, I2C, RS485, etc. It comes with an onboard M.2 B KEY slot and an adapter board, supporting either WiFi or 4G module (choose one). Housed in a metal casing, it is suitable for various artificial intelligence applications.

Camera Connection
[] Supports CSI cameras, suitable for AI intelligent applications such as facial recognition, road marking recognition, and license plate recognition.

Note: Images are for illustration purposes only. This product does not include a dual-camera setup.

4K High Definition Output
[] Supports HDMI high-definition interface

【More Expansion Interfaces

【Onboard M.2 B KEY
[] Equipped with an adapter board, supports either WiFi or 4G module (choose one)

Note: Images are for illustration purposes only; please refer to the configuration list for detailed specifications.

【Supports Heat Sink Installation
[] Internal space reserved for heat sink installation, compatible with Jetson Nano heat sink for effective cooling.

Note: Images are for illustration purposes only; this product does not include a heat sink.

【Supports Rail Installation
[] The casing features mounting holes for rail installation, allowing the host to be easily mounted on rails with the use of rail clips.

Note: Images are for illustration purposes only; this product does not include rail clips.

【Resource Overview

1. Module Socket
Connects to the Jetson Nano module.

2. Power Button and Power LED
Controls the core switch and module enable status.

3. User Button and User LED
User-customizable button and LED.

4. Type-C Interface
Used for power supply, burning, and debugging.

5. 2.54mm Fan Interface

6. Special Function Pins

7. Gigabit Ethernet Port
10/100/1000Base-T adaptive, does not support PoE.

8. USB Type-A Interface
1 × USB 3.2 Gen 1, 1 × USB 2.0.

9. Type-C Power Enable
Connects with jumper cap for power enable.

10. HDMI High Definition Interface
Supports 4K output.

11. TF CARD Slot

12. MIPI CSI Camera Interface 1

13. SIM Card Slot
Only for use with 4G module.

14. MIPI CSI Camera Interface 0

15. Mini PCIe Slot
Can accommodate a 5G module or adapter board, supports USB 2.0 and PCIex1.

16. DC Power Terminal
Supports 9-36V power supply.

17. RTC Battery Socket
Can connect to CR1220 battery.

18. RS485 Interface

19. GPIO Interface

20. DC Power Interface
Supports 9-36V power supply, comes with a 12V power adapter.

【Installation Instructions