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Milk-V Duo Milk-V-IO-Board User Guide

】Schematic diagram

[] Milk-V-IO-Board.pdf


[] The Duo USB&Ethernet IOB expands the Milk-V Duo with 4 USB, 1 RJ45 network port, 1 serial port pinout, and 1 Type-C power input connector.

[] This expansion board can improve the development efficiency of Duo and facilitate developers to access commonly used USB peripherals and Ethernet.


[] 4x USB

[] 1x 100Mbps RJ45

[] 1x Serial port pinout

[] 1x Type-C power input connector

】Instructions for use

[] Before using it, please make sure you are using the latest image.

Root password: milkv

Login via RNDIS using ssh:

ssh root@

If you want to disable LED blinking:

mv /mnt/system/blink.sh /mnt/system/blink. sh_backup && sync

then reboot the board

】Use the IO-Board

[] Note that when using the IO-Board, the USB network (RNDIS) is not available, Please use the Ethernet interface on the IO-Board

Enable the 4 USB ports on the IO-Board:

rm /mnt/system/usb.sh

ln -s /mnt/system/usb-host.sh /mnt/system/usb.sh


then reboot the board

Restore the USB network (RNDIS) when the IO-Board is not used

rm /mnt/system/usb.sh

ln -s /mnt/system/usb-rndis.sh /mnt/system/usb.sh


then reboot the board