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Raspberry Pi pico RP2040 GAME Kit User Guide

   Note 1: On-board with RP2040 microcontroller chip , Which mean you do not need a raspberry pi pico board to control it.

   Note 2: Because the speed limit of the RP2040 , the game will not run very fast. Visual image refresh flash. If you take care about it, Please do not pay


  • RP2040 Game Kit is an embedded system learning platform based on Raspberry Pi RP2040. It is powered by Type-C interface, adopts RP2040 as the main controller, has dual-core Arm Cortex M0+ core and 264KB memory, and can be programmed by MicroPython or C/C++ with powerful performance. It is extremely playable, can be transplanted with a variety of retro games, and can also be used as a control and display interface platform for electric games. With sensors and analog circuit peripherals, it can also complete more creative projects.


  • -240x240 resolution color IPSLCD, SPI interface, controller is ST7789.
  • -Four-way rocker +2 touch buttons+a three-axis attitude sensor MMA7660 is used as input control.
  • -expand 2MB Flash on the board, pre-brush UF2 firmware of MicroPython.
  • -One infrared receiver+one infrared transmitter
  • -A three-axis attitude sensor MMA7660
  • -A buzzer.
  • -Double-row 16-pin connector with SPI, I2C and 2 analog signal inputs.
  • -It can be programmed with MicroPython, C, C.
  • -USB Type C connector is used for power supply and program download.