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【User Guide】Raspberry Pi 5 RTC Battery Box

】Raspberry Pi 5 Installation RTC Battery and RTC Battery Charging Tutorial:

Step 1: Install the battery in the battery box. The battery model can be CR2032 without charging function or LIR2032 with charging functionPay attention to the installation direction of the battery. Reverse installation may damage the raspberry pi

Step 2: Working With Raspberry Pi 5

Step 3: Power up Raspberry Pi5

Step 4: Enter the Raspberry Pi system terminal. Add the RTC battery charging configuration for Raspberry Pi 5 in config.txt, which is only required for the LIR2032 battery version with charging function. Batteries without charging function cannot be equipped with this configuration. Otherwise, it will damage the battery

Step 5: To prove that the RTC battery is working. Turn off the Raspberry Pi5 and unplug the power. In a few minutes. Turn on the system again. Observe if the Raspberry Pi system time is updated.

If the RTC battery is not powered. The Raspberry Pi system time will remain unchanged during power outages

If the RTC battery is successfully powered. The system time will be updated

【Video tutorial】

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