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ESP32 C3 1.69inch Round LCD LVGL Astronaut Clock Watch MINITV Buzzer TouchScreen Display ST7789


Date:2024-04-29 15:04
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ESP32 C3 Ornament Trinket LVGL Astronaut Clock Watch MINI TV Buzzer 1.69inch Round LCD TouchScreen Display ST7789 240x280


[] Do not include lithium battery


[] This desktop gadget, based on ESP32 C3, is not only a practical mini-TV but also a unique design artwork.
Its 1.69inch LCD screen, driven by ST7789, can run small and short videos with LVGL drive.
Additionally, it can connect to WiFi to display the current weather and time, providing convenience in your daily life.
Its distinctive design allows it to be not just a desktop decoration but also a portable pendant,
 allowing you to showcase your personality and taste whether you are on the subway or on the street.


[] Power supply: 5V

[] Display driver interface: SPI

[] Screen driver IC: ST7789
[] Touch 
driver IC:  CST816

[] Screen resolution: 240×280

[] Compatible battery type: 3.7V lithium battery with 1.27mm plug

[] Main control: ESP32 C3 with WiFi and Bluetooth

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