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ESP32-S3 1.69inch Touchscreen LCD Round Display WiFi Bluetooth With QST Attitude Gyro Sensor QMI8658


Date:2024-05-09 13:23
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ESP32-S3 1.69-inch 240×280 resolution 262K color touch LCD development board Small board acceleration and gyroscope sensor development board

240×280 resolution, 262K color, acceleration and gyroscope sensor, Type-C interface, four GPIOs, 3.7V lithium battery interface ESP32 small decoration LVGL Astronaut Clock Watch 1.69 inch round LCD display touch screen ST7789

【Product introduction】

[] ESP32-S3 1.69-inch 240×280 resolution 262K color touch LCD development board Small board acceleration and gyroscope sensor development board

【Product characteristics】

[] Equipped with ESP32-S3R8 high-performance Xtensa® 32-bit LX7 dual-core processor, the main frequency up to 240 MHz

[] Support 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi (802.11b /g/n) and Bluetooth® 5 (LE), onboard antenna

[] Built-in 512KB SRAM and 384KB ROM, stacked 8MB PSRAM and external 16MB Flash

[] Type-C interface, keep up with the trend of The Times, no need to tangle the positive and negative plug

[] On-board 1.69-inch capacitive touch LCD screen, 240×280 resolution, 262K color, can clearly display color pictures

[] Built-in ST7789V2 driver chip and CST816T capacitive touch chip, respectively using SPI and I2C interface communication, do not occupy too much interface pin resources

[] Onboard QMI8658 six-axis inertial measurement unit (3-axis acceleration, 3-axis gyroscope), can detect motion attitude, step counting, etc

[] Onboard PCF85063 RTC chip, reserved 1.25 RTC battery slot (support charging), can facilitate the realization of RTC functional requirements

[] On-board RST, BOOT and a side button with customizable functions for easy use of buttons for custom function development

[] Onboard 3.7V MX1.25 lithium battery charging and discharging interface

[] Four GPIO, I2C and UART pads are extracted, which can be used for external equipment and debugging, and can be flexibly configured with peripheral functions

[] Support flexible clock, module power supply independent setting and other accurate control, to achieve multi-scene low-power mode

[] Touch screen has high transmittance, fast response and long life

【Small panel for more touch possibilities】

[] Suitable for the development of various intelligent devices, can achieve human-computer interaction function

【Resource introduction】

[] ESP32-S3R8:WiFi and Bluetooth SoC, 240MHz operating frequency, stacked 8MB PSRAM

[]W25Q128JVSIQ:16MB NOR-Flash

[]PCF85063:RTC clock chip

[]QMI8658: Six-axis Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) consisting of a 3-axis gyroscope and a 3-axis accelerometer

[]ETA6098: High efficiency lithium battery charging chip

[]MX1.25 Lithium battery interface :MX1.25 2P connector, can be used to connect 3.7V lithium battery, support charge and discharge

[]Type-C interface :ESP32-S3 USB interface, used for burning programs and log printing

[] Buzzer: auditory peripheral

[]RTC battery interface: Access a rechargeable RTC battery and support charge and discharge

[] On-board patch antenna: Support 2.4GHz Wi-Fi (802.11b /g/n) and Bluetooth 5 (LE)

[] Power button: Supports the power-on function, single click, double click, multiple click, and long press

[]BOOT button

[]RST Reset button

【Pin definition】

【Product size】