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Luckfox Pico RV1103/RV1106 User Guide


[] Mirror files: Pico-Img & Pico-Plus-Img

[] Kernel source code(SDK): luckfox-pico-main.zip

[] Schematic diagram:  Schematic

[] Pinout diagram:Pico-Diagram & Pico-Plus-Diagram

[] Other files:USB-Device & SocToolKit & adb_fastboot & tftpd64

[] HDK & SDK - RV1103:Document

】Step-by-step tutorial (Continuous updates):

[] Image burning:  Burn the image onto the TF card & Video tutorial 
                                                (Plus)Burn the image into the onboard flash & Video tutorial 

[] Terminal for system loginUse the serial port to log in to the system & Video tutorial

                                                                 Use the ADB to log in to the system & Video tutorial

                                                                 RNDIS USB virtual network port & Video tutorial

                                                                 Pico Uses RJ45 Network Port Module & Video tutorial

[] Using the cameraConnect to SC3336-camera for network streaming & Video tutorial

[] Using the LCDSPI driven LCD & Video tutorial

[] Using the SDK:Kernel compilation & Video tutorial

[] Files transfer:Transfer files using ADB& Video tutorial

[] Basic function and interfaces: 

※ Tutorial on how to use GPIO & Video tutorial 

※ Tutorial on how to use UART & Video tutorial

※ Tutorial on how to use I2C & Video tutorial
※ Tutorial on how to use SPI & Video tutorial
※ Tutorial on how to use ADC & Video tutorial

※ Tutorial on how to use PWM & Video tutorial

】Relevant reference materials: