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7inch LCD Computer Monitor Display Screen Type C USB Secondary Screen PC CPU GPU RAM Monitor


Date:2023-12-16 11:33
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7inch USB Monitor PC Case Secondary Screen/Desktop RGB Ambient Screen IPS Panel

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[] The USB Monitor series currently only supports NVIDIA and AMD discrete graphics cards, Intel and AMD integrated graphics cards.


[] USB Communication: Direct connection with one cable

[] Sound Pickup Function: Music Visualization, supports sound pickup from WAV audio files and microphone

[] Software Rotation: Flip vertically/horizontally

[] Brightness Adjustment: Software control

[] Audio Theme: Customizable song and microphone pickup

[] Dynamic Theme Editing: In-house developed software, easy-to-use visual editing, real-time preview

[] Rich Theme Resources: Free cool theme packages included

[] Fan Speed Control

[] USB Communication Interface: Type-C direct connection. No need for complicated wiring, doesn't occupy graphics card resources

[] Free Stand Included: Chassis secondary screen, also usable as a lock screen

[] 2 Sizes, 2 Colors:

5 inches (800x400) / 7 inches (1024x600)

Silver / Black

[] CNC Integrated Process: Aluminum alloy shell, sturdy and durable, overall more textured

[] Direct Connection: Only one USB data cable or 9PIN connection cable is needed for power supply and data transmission. No complicated operations, easy connection to devices

[] One-Click Operation: Use the accompanying software, click run after connecting to the host, supports startup on boot, one-click theme switching, brightness adjustment, convenient and fast

[] Does Not Affect Computer Performance: Doesn't impact computer performance, uses minimal GPU resources with accompanying software

[] Does Not Affect Computer Operation: Chassis secondary screen is a USB device, the mouse won't move to the secondary screen.

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