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1.54 inch LCD WIFI digital weather clock screen creative simplicity desktop technology ornaments


Date:2023-10-25 15:50
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1.54 inch LCD WIFI digital weather clock screen creative simplicity desktop electronic technology ornaments


[] This product is a simplified Chinese version for general use in Chinese mainland, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. The English version supports the weather and time in international cities.

[] Built-in 2 themes:

A classic astronaut interface, (time, weather, air quality, air temperature and humidity, lunar calendar and solar calendar, with more than 20 built-in animations that can be switched) supports minute and second colors when modifying.

A simple large font interface (large font time display, lunar calendar and solar calendar) supports minute and second colors when modifying.


[] Device name: desktop clock

[] Power supply mode: plug-in 5V

[] Networking mode: 2.4G network required

[] Product size: 4.5*3.5*4cm

[] Display type: digital

[] Is it a smart device: Yes

[] Product weight: 0.08Kg


[] 1. Development ability

This shop: self-developed firmware continuously upgrades

other shops: no development ability and no upgrade

2. Product technology

This shop: injection mold has electroplating surface treatment.

Other shops: 3D printing shell is prone to yellowing and heat resistance.

3. Animation types

This shop: has integrated more than 20 kinds or can customize

other shops: only a few, Non-customizable

4. Language type

Our shop: English and Chinese versions are available.

Other shops: Chinese version only.

5. City setting

Our shop: the first one to set the city name directly in Chinese.

Other shops: you need to find the code or copy us.

6. Featured fonts

Our shop: Featured clear time fonts with colons.

Other shops: distorted numbers can't be seen clearly.

7. Clock color matching

Our shop: 8,000 colors of time and numbers.

Other shops: color matching is not excluded. Continue to plagiarize

8. Customize NTP

Our shop: NTP time server customize

Other shops: Do not have, do not rule out continuing plagiarism

9. Lunar date

Our Shop: Switch between lunar calendar and solar calendar to display

Other shops: Do not have or plagiarize us

10. 24/ 12-hour

Our Shop: support

Other shops: don't own or copy us.

11. Weather pattern

Our Shop: redraw high-definition patterns.

Other shops: ugly icons.

12. Night mode

Our Shop: support the lowest brightness screen.

Other shops: don't own or copy us.

13. Backstage management

Our Shop: simply manage all settings in one page.

Other shops: simple and complicated.

14. Maintenance and upgrade

Our Shop: upgrade

Other shops wirelessly: no upgrade function. 15.

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