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Raspberry Pi 5 Active Cooler Pi5 Fan Metal Radiator Pure-Copper Heatsink


Date:2024-01-03 10:15
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Raspberry Pi 5 Active Cooler Pi5 Fan Metal Radiator Pure-Copper Heatsink

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[] Do not include the Raspberry Pi5.


[] Featuring a pure copper heatsink for overall more efficient cooling compared to aluminum, designed specifically for Raspberry Pi 5 cooling needs. When combined with an active cooling fan, it ensures the Raspberry Pi 5 maintains an appropriate operating temperature under high load, avoiding frequency reduction in high-temperature conditions.


[] Input Voltage: 5V DC powered through the four-pin fan connector on the Raspberry Pi 5.

[] Fan Speed Control: Equipped with PWM FG.

[] Maximum Airflow: 1.09 CFM.

[] Maximum Fan Speed: 7800 RPM +/- 15%.

[] Material: Pure Copper.

[] Fan Specifications: 3007 Blower Fan.

【New Pure Copper Heatsink Base Design

[] Compared to aluminum, the pure copper heatsink provides more efficient heat conduction, allowing for quicker stabilization of motherboard temperature.

【Active Cooler

[] With the installation of the active cooler, temperature dropped significantly to approximately 45°C during identical tests. During extended testing under load, the cooler's fan rotated at low speed to stabilize the CPU temperature at 60°C, with the highest temperature during testing ranging from 62 to 63°C.

【Installation Method

[] It connects to the circuit board through two new mounting holes and connects to the same four-pin JST connector as the case fan.

【Thermal Grease Installation Position