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Flexible And Expandable 6x4 Off-Road UGV ESP32 Slave Computer 6 wheels 4WD Mobile Robot Smart Car


Date:2023-07-14 09:59
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Flexible And Expandable 6x4 Off-Road UGV, Multiple Hosts Support, With Extension Rails And ESP32 Slave Computer, 6 Wheels 4WD Mobile Robot Chassis

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[] UGV02 is a 4WD six-wheel mobile robot chassis with superb off-road performance, shock absorbers, and open-source code that supports customization development. It supports external host computers (Raspberry Pi, Jetson Nano, Horizon Sunrise X3 Pi, etc.), and the host computer communicates with the ESP32 slave computer through the serial port.

[] The built-in UPS power supply module with 3S 18650 lithium battery (3x 18650 lithium batteries connected in series) provides uninterruptible power for the robot and supports charging and discharging at the same time. Also, with a built-in multi-functional robot driver board, it supports external serial bus servos, PWM servos, SD cards, and so on. The driver board is based on ESP32 with onboard WiFi and Bluetooth.

[] With flexible rubber tires, it can enjoy smooth driving on tough terrains. Also, it comes with 2x 1020 European standard profile rails, which can easily meet the needs of heavy loads, shock absorption, and off-road performance, and provides more feasibility for customization development.


[] Comes with 203mm pitch 1020 aluminum extension rails (including boat nuts and screws) for flexible expansion of multiple peripherals.

[] The use of flexible rubber tires substantially reduces the impact of complex terrain on the product.

[] With 4WD six-wheel drive, it has excellent climbing ability.

[] Equipped with interactive device 0.96-inch OLED screen.

[] With a charging port and an automatic download circuit, you can use it while charging.

[] The UPS power module with an onboard INA219 acquisition chip can facilitate real-time monitoring of battery voltage and charging current.

[] The UPS power supply module has 3x 18650 batteries in series with 7800mAh. Higher output current, stronger motor power.

[] The UPS power supply module also provides outputs of 5V and 3.3V for external other devices.

[] The onboard lithium battery protection circuit of the UPS power supply module has anti-overcharge, anti-over-discharge, anti-overcurrent, and short circuit protection functions.

[] The demo is developed on Arduino IDE, no need to manually configure the compilation environment, ESP32 automatically set a WIFI hotspot when it is turned on. You can use a mobile phone (Android/iOS) or a computer (Linux/Windows/Mac) to connect and log in to the control page by installing the Chromium browser, and no need to download an app.

[] ESP32 can be used to drive DC motors, serial bus servos, onboard OLED screen interfaces, TF card slots, nine-axis IMU modules, WiFi, and Bluetooth, and can be used alone without installing the host computer.

[] Can be extended with a variety of host computers, use the serial port to transmit data in JSON format to control.

[] All code is open source and provides a wealth of development documentation and tutorials.

[] Open-source extension flat drawings and chassis structural drawings, including 3D models, for easy secondary development.


[] Outline dimensions : 252×230×94mm

[] Tire material : Nylon wheel hub, rubber tire

[] Chassis height : 25mm

[] Rail Center distance : 203mm

[] Tire width : 42mm

[] Running speed : 0.05~0.41m/s

[] Tire diameter : 80mm

[] Number of driving wheels : 4

[] Number of wheels : 6

[] Body material : 2mm (thickness) 5052 Aluminum Alloy

[] Weight : 2kg

[] Vertical obstacle ability : 40mm

[] Driving payload : 4kg

[] Climbing ability : 22°

[] Battery support : 18650 Lithium battery × 3 (NOT Included)

[] Minimum turning radius : 0m (In-situ Rotation)

[] Charging time : 1.5h

[] Battery life : 45min (full power continuous output)

[] Motor power : 5W × 4

[] Remote control function : WIFI AP/STA

[] Upper surface area : 37864mm2

[] Communication interface : UART / serial bus servo interface / I2C

High strength aluminum body

[] The car body is made of 2mm thickness 5052 Aluminum Alloy, which caneffectively protect the internal structure during use, and enhance

the overall stability and durability.

Superb shock absorption performance

[] The excellent shock absorption design can reduce the damage by roadobstacles to the internal and external components during drivng, thusextending the service life in complex terrain scenarios.

High-quality flexible rubber tire

[] When running in rough terrain, the flexible rubber tires can deform slightlyto increase friction with the ground and improve its stability

Open-source demos including Web applications

[] lf the robot is not connected to a known WiFi after powering on, it will automaticallyestablish a hotspot. After connecting to this hotspot by your phone or computer, you canopen the browser for wireless remote control. Supports secondary development of thisopen-source Web application and adding new custom functions.

Aluminum rail

[] Comes with 2 x1020 European standard profile rails, and supports installing additional peripherals via the boat nuts to meet different needs,easily expanding the special operation scenarios. Also including a Picatinny rail, boat nuts and M4 screws in the package.

Rich Interfaces and Peripherals

[] 0.91inch OLED display screen: the display content can be modified via Webapplication or the host UART interface.

Supports driving in complex terrain

[] 6 wheels x 4WD design, using 6 wheels can provide a more stable platformand larger contact area, while 4WD can provide stronger power and tractionto deal with various terrains and obstacles

Comes with a multi-functional mounting plate

[] Can be used to install a variety of peripherals, including LD19 lidar, STL27L lidar, camera, or other modules.Open source for DXF drawing and 3Dmodel, which is more convenient for secondary development.

[] Note: Only the two parts shown in the above drawings are included in the package.Please refer to the part lst for detailed package content.

Multi Hosts Support

Rich open-source demos Directly control a variety of peripherals

[] Supports sending JSON commands via Web application or UART communicationto control a variety of peripherals, such as control and configure the serial busservo, obtain the servo feedbck and lMU information, control the angle of PWMservos, modify the content of the OLED display, etc. more convinient for hostdevelopment.

[] About the slave computer driver board, please refer to General-Driver-for-Robots product page for more details

3S Lithium battery UPS power supply module

[] 3x18650 in series (NOT included) as the power for the robot, can output5V and 3.3V for external devices. Onboard INA219 chip for detecting voltage/current information and so on. Supports charging and poweroutput at the same time,allowing uninterrupted development

[] Note: the 18650 batteries in the picture are NOT included

Outline Dimensions