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The STLINK-V3MINI is stand-alone debugging and programming mini probe for STM32 microcontrollers.

The JTAG/SWD interfaces are used to communicate with any STM32 microcontroller located on an application board.

The STLINK-V3MINI also provides a Virtual COM port interface allowing the host PC to communicate with the target microcontroller through one UART.

The STLINK-V3MINI is a portable version, easy-to-use debugger/programmer including STDC14 interface with its flat cable.

User guide

Supports devices

All products of STM32 series which has JTAG/SWD interface

Hardware connection

Connect STLINK-V3MINI to host PC
  • Connect micro USB interface of STLINK-V3MINI, generally, it driver will be auto installed by ST-Link tool.
  • You can check the programmer is recognized by PC

  • Sometimes, the driver may not be installed properly, you can also install it manually.
Download it from the #Resources
Right-click ST-Link Debug, and ST-Link VCP Ctrl to update the driver.

Connect the programmer to the target board
  • Connect the STLINK-V3MINI to JTAG/SWD interface of STM32 board by adapter boards

Software setting

  • Connect the programmer to the target board and power on it. If all the connections are normally, you can read the information of the target board

  • Then you can compile and program target board by the STLINK-V3MINI

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