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11.9 inch Raspberry Pi IPS Display with 320×1480 Capacitive Touchscreen HDMI Long Bar Screen


Date:2023-10-10 15:03
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11.9-inch IPS Display: Supports Software Dimming, Dual Stereo Sound, VESA Mount, Versatile Usage, Plug-and-Play, Driver-Free. Suitable for Computer Secondary Monitor, Chassis Monitoring Screen, and More.

Product Features

[] Versatile and Flexible Layout: Can be used for hardware monitoring, dynamic light boards, music spectrum, computer touch secondary screen, etc.

[] High-Definition LCD Screen with Dazzling Colors and Toughened Glass.

[] Plug-and-Play, No Driver Required: Supports HDMI input signal, system settings for landscape and portrait mode switching, catering to various usage scenarios.

[] Wide Viewing Angle of up to 170 degrees.

[] Five-Point Touch, Responsive and Smooth: The touch screen features a toughened glass panel, similar to capacitive screens on smartphones, ensuring responsiveness without lag.

[] Dual Stereo Speakers: Dual-chamber audio reproduces stereo sound, high-fidelity audio quality, significantly enhancing the auditory experience.

[] Foldable Stand: Innovative patented folding design, adjustable from 0 to 120 degrees.

Product Specifications

[] Size: 11.9 inches.

[] Resolution: 320x1480.

[] Display Interface: HDMI interface.

[] Display Panel: IPS.

[] Viewing Angle: 170 degrees.

[] Speakers: Built-in high-fidelity speakers.

[] Casing: Zinc alloy die-casting.

[] Touch Type: Capacitive touch (optional).

[] Touch Panel: Toughened glass panel.

[] Supports Software Dimming.

Optional Versions

Device and System Support

Raspberry Pi

[] Supports Raspberry Pi OS, five-point touch, plug and play.

[] Supports Ubuntu / Kali / WIN10 IoT, single-point touch, plug and play.

[] Supports Retropie, plug and play.

[] Supports all versions of Raspberry Pi.

Jetson Nano

[] Supports Ubuntu, single-point touch, plug and play.

Core3566 Series

[] Supports Debian / Ubuntu, five-point touch, plug and play.


[] Supports Windows 11 / 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7, five-point touch, plug and play.

Product Dimensions