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ESP32C3-1.44 configuration tutorial 1

1】Enter the Arduino IDE library manager and install TFT_ESPI, TJpg_ Decoder ArduinoJson, TimeLib, HTTPClient, lvgl  third-party libraries

2】Enter the storage path of the Arduino IDE library.

Note: Under the text box path, everyone's path is different.

Modify TFT_ User under eSPI folder_ Setup. h file

3】Open User_ Set up. h to modify the following areas

4】Enter the lvgl folder and save the lv_ Conf_ Template. h Modify lv_ Conf. h, then convert lv_ Cut conf. h to the libraries folder.

5】Open lv_ Conf. h Modify the parameter to change 0 to 1 here

Change 30 to 16 and 0 to 1 here