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Raspberry Pi Pico HDMI Board User Guide


【Set up the C environment】

Construction of official C language SDK configuration environment of Raspberry Pi pico (based on Raspberry Pi motherboard platform)

Installation compilation environment

sudo apt-get install cmake --fix-missing

sudo apt-get install gcc-arm-none-eabi

SDK Download

git clone -b master https://github.com/raspberrypi/pico-sdk.git

cd pico-sdk

git submodule update --init --recursive

Program running needs to point to SDK path.

export PICO_SDK_PATH=../../pico-sdk (Based on your actual download path, this path means that the pico-sdk path is below the previous directory of the compilation folder.)

【Connect the hardware】

【3.Run the program】

3.1 Download-->Pico HDMI Board.zip  to the Raspberry Pi

3.2 Compiling the Project

cd ~/Pico HDMI Board /software/build

sudo rm -rf ./*

export PICO_SDK_PATH=../../pico-sdk

Note: The pico-sdk path should be based on your actual local path on the Raspberry Pi

cmake -DPICO_COPY_TO_RAM=1 ..

make -j$(nproc)

3.3 Run the program

After compilation, a uf2 file will be generated for each project in the Pico-HDMI-board/software/build/apps directory.

3.31 christmas_snowflakes file -> christmas_snowflakes.uf2

3.32 hello_dvi file -> hello_dvi.uf2

3.33 dual_display file -> dual_display.uf2

3.34 mandelbrot file -> mandelbrot.uf2

3.35 moon file -> moon.uf2 moon_pio_encode.uf2

3.36 sprite_bounce file -> sprite_bounce.uf2

Putting the UF2 file into the pico (click to see the insertion method) will result in different phenomena as shown below:

【Display an different image】

4.1 Convert the image to a *.h file

4.11 When drawing pictures and saving them as BMP files, pay attention to the color depth.

4.12 When using the Image2lcd software, pay attention to the corresponding actual values, as shown in the figure below.

4.13 Save the file directly as a *.h file.

Refer to https://www.spotpear.com/index/study/detail/id/910.html

4.2 Modify the header file of the *.h file

Change it to be the same as the header file of the image.h file to be replaced

Image storage path: Pico-HDMI-board\software\assets

4.3 Replace *.h file Put the png file and .h file into the folder (if the image name is different from the original, modify the corresponding program file, program file path: Pico-HDMI-board\software\apps)

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