Servo motor dual mode switching 17kg high torque


Part Number:SC15 Servo

Date:2022/02/11 16:55

Servo motor dual mode switching 17kg high torque

SC15 Servo

  • 17kg high torque programmable serial bus servo
  • High-precision metal gears, 180° rotation angle, nylon and glass fiber shell, high-strength aluminum alloy rudder disc, high-precision copper teeth and steel teeth


  • Product Type: SC15 Servo Bus Servo
  • Product torque:;;
  • Rotation angle: 180° (angle control in servo mode) 360° (continuous rotation in motor mode)
  • Position sensor resolution: 180° / 1024
  • Mechanism limit angle: no limit (No Limit)
  • Working voltage: 4.8-8.4V
  • Gear form: high precision metal gear
  • No-load speed: 0.18sec / 60°@4.8V 0.16sec / 60°@6V
  • ID range: 0-253
  • Baud rate: 38400bps ~ 1Mbps
  • Feedback: Position; Load; Speed; Input Voltage
  • No-load current: 200 mA
  • Stall current: 1700 mA

Main usage indication

  • The servo can feed back a variety of information: position, speed, torque lock, operating mode (servo mode, servo motor mode, etc.) can be used for advanced projects that require closed-loop automatic control
  • Can be used to build quadrupeds, hexapods, robotic arms and other robotic projects that require multiple steering gears

The picture here is for reference only.

Using serial bus control

  • Can control up to 253 SC, ST series bus servos at the same time

Note: One UART can control 253 bus servos, but due to the high power of the servos, it is necessary to consider whether the power supply scheme can meet the requirements when using too many servos 

Do not include Expanding board

SC15 Servo

  • When the voltage is 8.4V, the torque can reach, which can be used to build four-legged, six-legged, robotic arm and other robotic projects that require multiple steering gears

This product does not include the intelligent crawler robot in the picture.

Please purchase separately if necessary.

two-way feedback

  • The steering gear can feed back information such as position, load, speed and input voltage in real time, keeping control at all times

Servo or Motor

  • Dual mode switching
  • When the steering gear is used, the rotation angle can be precisely controlled

  • When the motor is used, it can rotate continuously