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Raspberry Pi Zero to Raspberry Pi 5 interface adapter Zero 2w to Pi5 Expansion Board Zero Pi0 USB HU


Date:2024-01-09 09:58
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Raspberry Pi Zero to Pi 5 Expansion Board, USB HUB, and Ethernet Expansion Board: Some existing customers have faced challenges due to the lack of suitable alternative products, high prices of Raspberry Pi 4B, and compatibility issues. This adapter board aims to seamlessly transform Raspberry Pi Zero into a form factor closely resembling Raspberry Pi 5, addressing these concerns.


This product is an expansion board only and does not include the Raspberry Pi 5 or Zero 2W. If needed, please purchase them separately.

Functional Description
[] Raspberry Pi Zero/Zero 2W to Pi 5 Expansion Board, serving as a USB HUB and Ethernet expansion board for Raspberry Pi Zero.
[] Addressing the issue faced by some existing customers who struggle with the lack of suitable alternative products, the high price of Raspberry Pi 5, and imperfect compatibility.
[] This adapter board aims to transform the Raspberry Pi Zero as closely as possible into the external structure of the Raspberry Pi 5.

【Unique Features of This Product
[] Features a unique connector design for a direct and strong integrated insertion experience.
[] Simultaneously converts the HDMI port of the Zero to a universal HDMI female port, enhancing usability.
[] Maintains the perfect alignment of GPIO heights inherited from both Raspberry Pi 5 and Zero, allowing customers using various GPIO expansion boards to seamlessly insert them without changing the height.

【Interface Overview
[] Zero to Pi 5 Expansion Board (3 USB + RJ45) includes a board with 3 USB expansion ports compatible with USB 2.0/1.1 transmission.
[] Integrated with the RTL8152B Ethernet chip, supporting 1 RJ45 network port with 10/100M adaptive capability.
[] Can be directly installed onto Raspberry Pi Zero/Zero W/Zero WH. Through jumper testing, it can also be connected via USB to other versions of Raspberry Pi, general-purpose computers, or Android phones.

【Device Connection Diagram
[] Connects to a Raspberry Pi 3.5-inch HDMI LCD display.

[] Connects to a computer.

[] Connects to a phone.

[] Connects to Raspberry Pi Zero 2W