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Raspberry Pi Zero 2w to 3B/4B interface adapter Zero to Pi3 Expansion Board Pi0 USB HUB RJ45 HAT


Date:2022-03-10 14:32
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Raspberry Pi Zero 2w to 3B interface adapter Zero to Pi3 Expansion Board Pi0 USB HUB RJ45 HAT


[] Do not include Raspberry Pi and Banana pi


  • The Raspberry Pi Zero to 3B interface adapter with USB hub and RJ45 10/100M port ,
  • which is designed refer to the Raspberry Pi 3B size
  • When the official factory stop to product 3B, Some old project have to change to use 4B.
  • Now we give another option which use a zero to replace 3B with this adapter


  • With the unique design , you can make your zero with same USB/HDMI/RJ45 port.
  • The height of 20x2 GPIO Pins will not change . You can use GPIO expansion board perfectly

Introduction to interface

  • 3x USB ports, compatible with USB2.0/1.1
  • 1x RJ45 10/100M port, based on the RTL8152B Ethernet chip
  • Micro HDMI to 3B HDMI port
  • Work at zero also can work at a computer/Android phone with micro usb/3B/4B or other mini computer with a micro usb cable

Connection Examples

Working With 3.5inch HDMI LCD

Working With Computer

Working With Mobile

Working With ZERO 2W

Two Specifications Are Available:

  • 4USB-No RJ45 expansion board: 4 USB interfaces without RJ45 Ethernet interface
  • 3USB+RJ45 expansion board: 3 USB interfaces with RJ45 Ethernet interface
  • NC = No such Function