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Raspberry Pi Pico-SIM7020E-NB-IoT User Guide


The Pico-SIM7020E-NB-IoT is an NB-IoT (NarrowBand-Internet of Things) module designed for Raspberry Pi Pico. It supports multiple NB-IoT frequency bands, can be controlled via serial AT commands, and supports communication protocols like HTTP/MQTT/LWM2M/COAP, etc. Due to the advantages of low delay, low power, low cost, and wide coverage, it is the ideal choice for IoT applications such as intelligent instruments, asset tracking, remote monitoring, and so on.


  • Standard Raspberry Pi Pico header, supports Raspberry Pi Pico series boards
  • UART communication, serial AT commands control, multiple communication protocols support, multiple cloud platform support
  • Integrates 3.7V Li-po battery connector and recharge circuit, allows being powered from external rechargeable Li-po battery, or recharging it in turn
  • 2x LED indicators, for monitoring the module operating status
  • Onboard Nano SIM card slot for NB-IoT specific card
  • Comes with development resources and manual (MicroPython examples)



Frequency band


Data rate


Communication interface



300bps~921600bps (115200bps by default)

Communication Protocol


Applicable region

Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia


Power supply

Connect Li-polymer battery to the PH2.0 connector or the DC power to the USB port of Raspberry Pi Pico

Battery interface

3.7V ~ 4.2V

Logical level


Module standalone current

Idle mode: 5.6mA

Sleep mode: 0.4mA

PSM mode: 3.4uA


73.5 × 24.00mm

Pinout Definition

Outline Dimensions

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