Jetson Nano JetBot AI Kit Assemble Manual User Guide

JetBot AI Kit Assembly

Components and screws
Please check the components and screws

1. Assemble motors

2. Assemble the antennas

3. Mounting the Camera holder to metail box

4. Set standoffs on metal box for assembling JetBot expansion board

5. Set standoffs on jetbot expansion board for assembling jetson nano developer kit

6. Assemble Jetbot expansion board, adjust place of antennas

Connect motors to jetbot expansion board, connect left motor to the left interface, and right to the right

7. Mounting 18650 batteries to batteries holder, note that you should recognize direction of batteries according to the white screen silk printing.

8. Turn out screws from Omni-direction wheels, then fixing the wheels to metal bottom board

9. Assemble metal box

10. Assemble wheels

11. Assemble camera, don't forget the set the Acrylic piece between holder and camera

12. Take out the jetson nano board, and assemble wireless-AC 8265

13. Connect antennas

14. Finally, connect the 8PIN cable according to screen silk printing.

Price: $37.89
Part Number: Micro:bit V2
Brand: BBC
SKU: 0401006