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OV5693 5MP USB Camera (A) User Guide





  • Pixel: 5MP
  • Sensor: OV5693
  • DSP: Automatic white balance(AWB)\Automatic exposure(AEC)\Automatic gain control(AGC)
  • Camera:
    • CCD Size: 1/4inch
    • Aperture (F): 2.1
    • Focus length (EFL): 2.5mm
    • Field of View (FOV): 135°
  • Focus Type: Auto focus
  • Interface: USB2.0
  • Image:
    • Format: MJPG, YUY2
    • Static image resolution: 2592 × 1944
    • Video recording (MJPG):
      15 FPS 2592 × 1944
      15 FPS 1920 × 1080
      15 FPS 1280 × 720
    • Video recording (YUY2):
      3 FPS 2592 × 1944
      5 FPS 1920 × 1080
      10 FPS 1280 × 720
      15 FPS 640 × 480
  • Operating Voltage: 5V ± 5%
  • Operating Temperature: 0°C ~ 50°C
  • Len Size: 18.00 × 18.00 × 19.39 mm
  • Dimensions: 18.00 × 36.00 mm
  • OS Support: Windows, Linux, MacOS

Working with Windows PC

Test Software

Most of the Windows 10 PC has pre-install Camera software, you can use it to test the USB camera.
If your PC doesn't have Camera software, you can also download the AMCap test software from Resouce->Software and test.


Use Camera Software of Windows
  • Search "Camera" and open the software.
  • Click the setting icon on the top left to configure the image/video.
  • You can click the icons on the right to switch between Image Capture or Video Recording.
AMCap Software
  • Download and install the AMCap software.
  • You can click the Options option, choose Video Capture Pin... or Still Capture Pin... to configure image/video.

Working with Raspberry Pi


  • Open a terminal of Raspberry Pi (You can use the Ctrl+Alt+T shortcut):
  • Edit the modules file:
sudo nano /etc/modules
  • Add the following command in the document and save:
  • Ues command sudo raspi-config to open the configuration:
    • Choose Interface Option -> Camera -> Yes to enable the camera and reboot.


You can directly test the USB camera on the Bullseye system.

Camera Test

  • Open a Terminal of Pi and install luvcview tool with the following command:
    • sudo apt-get install luvcview -y
  • After installing, use the following command to test the USB camera.
sudo luvcview -s 1920 x 1080

Working with Jetson Nano Developer Kit

  • Open a terminal of Jetson Nano Developer Kit (You can use the Ctrl+Alt+T shortcut or open it by Mouse)
  • Use the following command for previewing:
    • nvgstcapture-1.0 --camsrc=0
  • With the command, a preview window is opened

【Notice】You may need to use the camera by script/codes, in this case, you can refer to tools/libraries like Opencv yourself.


Question:Why does the camera display abnormally when my hand touches it back?

Do not touch the components on the back of the PCB with your hands, so as not to affect the electrical characteristics.

Question:Does the module get hot during use?

It is normal that the module would generate a lot of heat during use.

Question:Why can't I control brightness, contrast, or other parameters?


If you are using a Mac system and Opencv, some parameter settings are not available, so we recommend using a Linux system and the V4L2 driver.

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