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M2-SATA-5P User Guide


JMB575 control chip, M.2 NGFF SATA to 5-port SATA3 expander.


  • Supported hard drive: HDD and Solid State Drive with SATA protocol compatible
  • Control chip: JMB575
  • Transfer interface: SATA female port × 5, M.2 B-key SATA male port × 1
  • Transfer speed: SATA3: 6Gbps
  • Operating system: Windows / Linux
  • Dimensions: 80.0 × 22.0mm


  1. The module is for SATA expansion, only the SATA interface on the M.2 B/M KEY slot that supports the SATA PM function can be used.
  2. There are components at the bottom of the module, check whether the height of the seat is sufficient before use.