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PCB800099 LCD Screen Car GPS Raspberry Pi Display LCD Driver Board HDMI VGA AV to TTL RGB LVDS


Date:2021-06-22 17:38
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PCB800099 LCD Screen Car GPS Raspberry Pi Display LCD Driver Board HDMI VGA AV to TTL RGB LVDS

Version Update

[] The previous version has been discontinued.

[] Update a new version with the same functionality as the previous version, with the addition of a jumper cap that allows changing the resolution without writing any program. The PCB is blue.


[] Please contact our customer service first and provide the Screen model. We will write the corresponding program based on the screen model. If there is any incompatibility between the screen and the board, we will inform you in advance. If you make a direct purchase, we will proactively reach out to you. If we cannot establish contact, the default program for the 800 x 480 AT070TN92 screen will be sent. Please note that any consequences (such as program incompatibility) that occur thereafter will not be the responsibility of our party.


[] 1-channel VGA signal input

[] 2-channel AV signal input

[] 1-channel HDMI signal input, with support for HDMI 1.2

[] 1-channel reverse signal input

[] Wide voltage input support, capable of working within the range of 5V-24V

[] Standard 6-pin interface for backlight, allowing for external high-voltage board connection

[] Integrated LCD LED backlight driver on the driver board

[] Standard LVDS signal output, compatible with standard LVDS signals such as single 6, single 8, dual 6, dual 8. However, it only supports LCD screens that operate on 3.3V power supply

[] Standard keypad interface, with support for dual-color LED indicator lights

[] Support for TTL signal output

[] Can provide support.









etc...Compatible with TTL LCD screens with a universal 50-pin interface.

[] With the use of an LCD screen adapter board, it can support the following LCD screens.

EJ070NA01-1024X600 Resolution

EJ080NA04B-1024X768 Resolution

ZJ070NA01, Common model 40PIN HD LCD screen

[] With the use of an LCD screen adapter board, it can also support 4.3, 5, 6, and 7-inch LCD screens with a universal 40-pin interface. Definitions can be found in the AT0543TN24V,1.

[] The maximum output display resolution for this driver board is 1920x1080. For resolutions exceeding 1440x900, it may be necessary to add a heat sink to reduce the operating temperature of the IC.

[] The VGA part of this IC can directly input YPBPR signals, which can be achieved through software programming.

[] This driver board can have remote control functionality, which needs to be implemented through software programming.

[] It supports reverse control and displays on AV2. The reverse voltage supports input up to 50V.

[] This driver board has four positioning holes.

Introduction Resources

Interface function description

[] Designation: RCA1, Function: AV input

[] Designation: TP1, Function: AV signal input and reverse voltage input

[] Designation: J4, Function: VGA input

[] Designation: DB15, Function: VGA input

[] Designation: HDMI, Function: HDMI input, Note: HDMI standard is 1.2

[] Designation: DCIN, Function: Power input

[] Designation: J3, Function: Power input

[] Designation: J1, Function: External high-voltage board connection

[] Designation: J7, Function: LED backlight connector

[] Designation: CON1, Function: TTL-50PIN signal output

[] Designation: CN1, Function: LVDS signal output

[] Designation: J6, Function: Keypad, remote control, LED indicator interface.

VGA Mode

[] 640X480      Support

[] 800X600      Support

[] 1024X768    Support

[] 1024X600    Support

[] 1280X1024  Support

[] 1366X768    Support

[] 1440X900    Support

[] .......                ......

[] 1920X1080   Support

[] Can support other resolutions, which can be added later.

AV Simulation

[] NTSC Support

[] PAL    Support

J6- Keyboard, remote control input interface

[] 5V: Remote control power, actually 3.3V

[] GND: Ground

[] IR: Remote control input

[] POWER: Power on/off function

[] MENU: Menu display function

[] +: Increase

[] -: Decrease

[] SOURCE: Signal source switch.



J1- High Voltage Board Interface

[] 1, +12V: Positive power supply input

[] 2, +12V: Positive power supply input

[] 3, EN: High-voltage board switch signal

[] 4, Empty: Empty.

[] 5,GND:GND

[] 6,GND:GND

J3-DCIN power interface

[] 1,+12V:Positive power input

[] 2,+12V:Positive power input

[] 3,GND:GND

[] 4,GND:GND

HDMI interface

[] HDMI standard interface: standard wire is available

J5-AV Signal and Backing Control Power Interface

[] 1,ACC:Reverse voltage input, 12V input and forced to AV2.

[] 2,AV1:AV1 input

[] 3,GND:GND

[] 4,AV2:AV2 input

[] 5,GND:GND

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