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RS232 RS485 to RJ45 Ethernet Serial Server RS232 RS485 Dual Channels Independent Operation Spotpear


Date:2023-10-20 10:49
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RS232 RS485 To RJ45 Ethernet Serial Server, RS232 And RS485 Dual Channels Independent Operation, Dual Ethernet Ports, Rail-Mount Industrial Isolated Serial Module, Bi-Directional Transparent Transmission

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[] RS232 RS485 To RJ45 Ethernet Serial Server, RS232 And RS485 Dual Channels Independent Operation, Dual Ethernet Ports, Rail-Mount Industrial Isolated Serial Module, Bi-Directional Transparent Transmission

Features At A Glance

[] This is a dual serial ports device data acquisitor / IoT gateway designed for the industrial environment, 1-ch RS232 and 1-ch RS485 can work simultaneously without interfering with each other using one Ethernet cable. It combines multi functions in one, including serial server, Modbus gateway, MQTT gateway, RS232 and RS485 to JSON, etc. The other one Ethernet port can be used as a network switch or for cascading, and the PoE* function is optional for dual Ethernet ports. Provides two power supply methods: DC port (outer diameter: 5.5mm, inner diameter: 2.1mm) and screw terminal. The case with rail-mount support, is small in size, easy to install, and cost-effective. It is suitable for applications like data acquisition, IoT gateway, safety & security IoT, and intelligent instrument monitoring...

[] * This product is a PoE receiver device (PD), it needs to be connected to the PoE power supply and get power from the PSE device to work normally.

Version Options

[] Common network port : RS232 RS485 TO ETH (B) : Dual serial ports + Common network port + Electrical isolation

[] PoE Ethernet port : RS232 RS485 TO POE ETH (B) : Dual serial ports + PoE network port + Electrical isolation


[] Common network port : Dual serial ports + Common network port + Electrical isolation

[] PoE Ethernet port : Dual serial ports + PoE network port + Electrical isolation

[] Product Type : Serial server, Modbus Gateway, MQTT Gateway

[] Basic Function : Bi-directional transparent data transmission between RS232 and RS485 to Ethernet

[] Communication interface : RS232 port × 1, RS485 port × 1, Ethernet port × 2

[] Power supply

Common network port : DC 5.5 power port, 6 ~ 45V DC screw terminal

PoE Ethernet port : DC 5.5 power port, 6 ~ 45V DC screw terminal, or PoE port

Isolation Protection : Power isolation, Signal isolation


[] Ethernet

[] Common network port : RJ45

[] PoE Ethernet port : RJ45 with PoE support, IEEE 802.3af compliant

10 / 100M auto-negotiation RJ45 connector, 2 KV surge protection

[] Serial port : Isolated RS232 and RS485 (the 2 channels can receive and transmit independently at the same time)


[] Baudrate : 300 ~ 115200 bps

[] Parity bit : none, odd, even, mark, space

[] Data bit : 5 ~ 9 bits

[] Flow control : N/A




[] Configuration : host, web browser, device management functions library

[] Communication method : TCP/IP direct communication, VCOM

[] Operating mode : TCP server, TCP client (coexisting with TCP server), UDP, UDP multicast


[] Operating temperature : -40℃ ~ 85℃

[] Humidity range : 5% ~ 95% relative humidity

[] Dimensions : L × W × H: 78.0 × 72.5 × 24.2 mm

Primary Function

[] Bi-Directional Transparent Data Transmission Between Dual Serial Ports And Ethernet

Multi Power Supply Options

[] Support PoE Ethernet Port Power Supply*, Suitable For IEEE 802.3af PoE Standard

[] Support Screw Terminal And DC Power Port For Power Supply, DC 6~45V Wide Voltage Range Input

[] * This function is only available on the PoE version

Support Ethernet Port Cascade

[] Onboard 2-Ch Ethernet Ports For Communication And Cascade Either One Can Be Used For Dual Serial Server Network Communication, While The Other One Can Be Used For Cascading Or Communication With Other Devices

[] * Note: Each module in the cascade needs to be powered individually. The working current of the module is 12V/150mA (MAX) and can be cascaded up to 8.

Rail-Mount Support

[] Industrial-Grade Rail Design, Compact Size, Easy Installation, Cost-Effective

Modbus Gateway Support

[] Suitable For Modbus Networking Upgrade, Can Be Used With Specific Configuration Software

Multi Communication Modes

[] Supports TCP Server / TCP Client / UDP Multicast / UDP Mode

[] * Note: This module is dual-channel, and each channel supports the above functions separately


[] More Flexible Conversion Between Different Protocols

[] When used as MQTT gateway, the devices can upload serial data to MQTT server by MQTT protocol through transparent transmission, supported servers including Baidu Cloud MQTT, Alibaba Cloud MQTT, China Mobile OneNet, etc. The acquired Modbus RTU or non-standard serial data can be parsed into JSON format and packaged into MQTTdata packet for uploading.

[] When used as JSON data acquisition gateway, the devices can be connected to data acquisition instruments through RS485 connection, then acquire data automatically, convert the data into JSON format, and finally post it to server. The acquired data supports Modbus RTU 645 instrument 97 version, 645 instrument 07 version, as well as sorts of non-standard RS485 protocols. The uploaded data format can be configured via host, and the JSON upload protocol can be MQTT protocol, HTTP POST protocol, HTTP GET protocol, and so on.

Multi Hosts Roll-Polling Support

[] Different Network Devices Will Be Identified And Responsed Respectively, No More Crosstalk Issue While Communicating With Multi Network Devices

User-Defined Heartbeat/Registration Packet

[] Easy For Cloud Communication And Device Identification

NTP Protocol Support

[] Getting Network Time Info For Serial Output Or Data Upload

Multi Configuration Methods

[] Supports Web Browser Configuration, Obtaining Dynamic IP Via DHCP, DNS Protocol Connected Domain Server Address

Multiple Protection, Safe And Stable

[] Onboard power supply and signal isolation, it can provide stable isolation voltage with high reliability and strong anti-interference. Built-in TVS (transient voltage suppression tube) can effectively suppress the surge voltage and transient peak voltage in the circuit, lightningproof & ESD protection. Built-in resettable fuse and protection diode to ensure stable output of current and voltage, prevents over-current and over-voltage proof, improve shock proof performance

Aluminium Alloy Enclosure

[] Aluminium Alloy Enclosure With Sand Blasting And Anodic Oxidation Solid And Durable, Fashion And Good Hand Feeling

Interface Introduction

Outline Dimensions

Support Batch Customization

[] Support Software And Hardware Customization

[] Including Hardware Interface, LOGO, Label, Case And Web Page, Etc.