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CSI-to-HDMI-Adapter-Set Guide


[] To use the camera on Pi Zero and 2 W, you need this.

[] Make sure to use high-quality HDMI v2.1 cables.

[] The arducam 64MP cameras can only get maximum resolution and video streaming on Pi4 and CM4 platforms. The resolution and video streaming of the camera will be limited on other Raspberry Pi platforms.


[] A high-res 64MP autofocus camera paired with a CSI-to-HDMI cable extension solution that offers up to a 10-meter connection for most Raspberry Pis.

[] Great for projects/applications where you need to put a camera module far away from an RPi.

[] The CSI-to-HDMI kit works out of the box, no extra software/configuration is needed, it is also compatible with the official camera V1/V2/HQ and Arducam OV5647/IMX219/IMX477 series.

[] We also have another kit if you want longer connections over CSI 2.


[] Support NVIDIA Jetson and Raspberry Pi 4B, Pi 3B+, Pi 3B, Pi 2, Model A/B/B+, Pi Zero

[] Reserved microphone and headphone jack for audio or GPIO signals

[] Three additional solder pads are available (same signals as a headphone jack)

[] Size: 27.63 x 25.00mm