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Raspberry Pi 5 Silver-Shadow Case ABS Cooling PWM Fan for Pi5 Better than Official Red-White Case


Date:2024-01-05 11:49
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Raspberry Pi 5 Silver Shadow Case, tailor-made for Raspberry Pi 5: PWM cooling fan, airflow impact cooling, quick-release design, proactive temperature control, metallic silver frosted texture, dustproof, and anti-collision.

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This ABS Silver-Shadow case is specially designed for Raspberry Pi 5, whichcan effectively protect the development board from external colli-sions.The quick-release design makes installation easier.And it isequipped with a PWM cooling fan, which can efficiently dissipateheat while maintaining low-noise operation.The heat dissipationperformance is better than the official Raspberry Pi 5 case.


Raspberry Pi 5 Silver-Shadow ABS Case PWM Cooling Fan Quick Release Design Dustproof and Anti-collision Compatible Official Radiator

[] This ABS Silver-Shadow case is designed for the Raspberry Pi 5 development board. It consists of a base and an upper cover, and Yahboom provide a large cooling fan for free. The top of the case is designed with openings to help the fan dissipate hot air. The precise hole positioning on the side allows all ports, slots and buttons to be perfectly aligned with the Raspberry Pi 5, ensuring the normal operation of the device. No need to worry about the case affecting the functionality.

Raspberry Pi 5 Silver-Shadow ABS Case Features:

[] Made of high-quality ABS material, strong impact resistance and excellent protective performance.

[] Convenient and quick installation steps, no additional tools required, just a few steps to complete.

[] Perfectly compatible with the official Raspberry Pi 5 radiator.


Raspberry Pi 5 ABS Silver-Shadow Case

[] Material:ABS

[] Size:91.5*61*33.92mm

[] Craft:Gray paint

[] Weight:About 51.5g

PWM cooling fan

[] Fan size:40*40*10mm

[] lnterface Type:SH1.0-4P

[] Rated voltage:DC 5v

[] Number of revolutions:5000±10%rpm

[] Air volume:4.8CFM

[] Noise:21dBA

[] Line length:5cm

[] control:PWM

[] Rated current:0.1A Max

[] Line sequence:Red+,Blue PWM,Black-,Yellow FG

[] Wind pressure:2.1mmH2O

[] Working temperature:-10°C~+80°℃