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Luckfox Pico 【Tutorial】【RJ45 Ethernet Network Port Module 】

Step1】 Download SDK.:

Enter the following command in Ubuntu.

sudo git clone https://github.com/LuckfoxTECH/luckfox-pico.git

After downloading, enter the command "cd ./luckfox-pico" to enter the luckfox-pico folder.

Step 2】Modify the GMAC parameters in the rv1103g-luckfox-pico.dts file.

Edit the rv1103g-luckfox-pico.dts file in sudo nano luckfox-pico/sysdrv/source/kernel/arch/arm/boot/dts.

Change the parameters of &gmac.

Step 3】One-click automatic compilation:

sudo build.sh

Select option 0 to compile pico-related images.

Step 4】Write the compiled image to the SD card:

Step 5】Verify the use of the RJ45 module with Pico:

Enter "ifconfig" on Pico to check the IP address of eth0.

Other】Use ADB to connect to Pico via network IP: