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ESP32-S3 Relay Industrial 6-Channel IOT WiFi Bluetooth RS485 Onboard Pico HAT interfaces Built-In Pr


Date:2024-05-09 14:23
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Industrial 6-Channel ESP32-S3 WiFi Relay Module, Supports WiFi / Bluetooth / RS485 control, Onboard RS485 / Pico HAT interfaces

】Product Describion

Industrial 6-Ch ESP32-S3 WiFi Relay Module Based on ESP32-S3, Supports WiFi / Bluetooth, Onboard RS485 / Pico HAT interfaces

Built-In Protection Circuits Such As Power Isolation And Optocoupler Isolation, Safe & Stable & Reliable

】Features At A Glance

[] Based on ESP32-S3 microcontroller with Xtensa 32-bit LX7 dual-core processor, capable of running at 240 MHz

[] Integrated 2.4GHz Wi-Fi and Bluetooth LE dual-mode wireless communication, with superior RF performance

[] High quality relay, contact rating: ≤10A 250VAC/30VDC

[] Onboard isolated RS485 interface, for connecting to various RS485 Modbus industrial modules or sensors

[] Onboard 40PIN header compatible with some Raspberry Pi Pico HAT, for expanding more functions such as RTC / CAN / RS232 / LoRa / sensor, etc.

[] Onboard USB Type-C port for power supply, firmware downloading and debugging

[] Onboard power supply screw terminal, supports 7~36V wide voltage input, suitable for industrial applications

[] Onboard optocoupler isolation to prevent interference from external high-voltage circuit connected to the relay

[] Onboard digital isolation to prevent interference from external signal

[] Onboard unibody power supply isolation, providing stable isolated voltage, no extra power supply required for the isolated terminal

[] Built in buzzer, RGB colorful LED, power supply and RS485 TX/RX indicators for monitoring the operating status of the module

[] Rail-mounted ABS case, easy to install, safe to use


MICROCONTROLLERESP32-S3 (Default module: ESP32-S3-WROOM-1U-N8, customizable for other modules)
WIRELESS COMMUNICATOIN2.4GHz WiFi (802.11 b/g/n)、Bluetooth 5, BLE
USBConnectorUSB Type-C
Power supply5V
FunctionsPower supply, USB communication, firmware downloading, etc.
ISOLATED RS485ConnectorScrew terminal
Direction controlHardware automatic control
ProtectionTVS diode, surge protection & ESD protection
ResistorOnboard reserved 120R matching resistor, NC by default, enabled via jumper
EXPANDED INTERFACEOnboard 40PIN header compatible with some Raspberry Pi Pico HAT, easy to expand other functions such as RTC / CAN / RS232 / LoRa / sensor, etc
RELAYContact rating≤10A 250VAC/30VDC
Relay channels6
Contact form1NO 1NC
IsolationOptocoupler isolation
LED INDICATORSRGBRGB colorful LED, supports programmable control for display color
PWRRed power indicator, lights up when there is USB connection and voltage is detected
TXDGreen TX indicator, lights up when the RS485 port sends data
RXDBlue RX indicator, lights up when the device port sends data back
APPEARANCEEnclosureRail-mount ABS protective case
Dimensions145 × 90 × 30mm

Based On ESP32-S3, DesignedFor AIoT Market

Equipped With Xtensa 32-Bit LX7 Dual-Core Processor, Capable Of Running At 240 MHz, With Powerful AI Computing Performance And Security Encryption Mechanism; Integrated 2.4GHz Wi-Fi And Bluetooth LE Dual-Mode Wireless Communication

Onboard Multiple Isolation Protection Circuit

Multiple Protections, More Safe And Reliable

High Quality 6-Ch Relays, Supports RS485 And Bluetooth / WIFi Remote Control

Contact Rating Of The Onboard Relay Up To 10A 250VAC/30VDC

Directly Controlling 220VAC Home Appliances, Or Devices Below 30VDC

Onboard Pico HAT Compatible Interface And RS485 Interface For Easy Expansion

Onboard Isolated RS485 Interface, For Connecting To Various RS485 Modbus Industrial Modules Or Sensors. Onboard 40PIN Header Compatible With Some Raspberry Pi Pico HAT, For Expanding More Functions Such As RTC / CAN / RS232 / LoRa / Sensor, Etc.

Supports Arduino, Micropython Development

Comprehensive SDK, Dev Resources, And Tutorials To Help You Easily Get Started

】Application Examples

Provides Multiple Networking Demos With Waveshare.Cloud, Using The Lightweight MQTT Protocol To Achieve Data Visualization Service

】What's On Board


   up to 240MHz operating frequency, with 2.4GHz WiFi and BLE

2.6-channel quality relays

   contact rating per channel: ≤10A 250V AC or ≤10A 30V DC

3.Optocoupler isolation

   prevents interference from external high-voltage circuit connected to the relay

4.Digital isolation

   prevents interference from external signal

5.Power supply isolation

   provides stable isolated voltage, needs no extra power supply for the isolated terminal

6.TVS diode

   effectively suppresses surge voltage and transient spike voltage in the circuit

7.Ceramic gas discharge tube

8.Relay screw terminals

   for connecting with user devices

9.40PIN Raspberry Pi Pico HAT header

10.RS485 bus interface

     for connecting to external RS485 devices

11.Power supply screw terminal

     Supports DC 7~36V wide voltage input

12.LED indicators

    PWR: power indicator

    RXD: RS485 RX indicator

    TXD: RS485 TX indicator

13.WS2812 RGB LED

     controllable via GPIO38

14.USB Type-C connector

     for module power supply, firmware downloading and USB communication

15.Passive buzzer

     sound frequency is controllable via GPIO21

16.ESP32 RESET button

17.ESP32 BOOT button

18.External antenna connector

     SMA female connector, for WiFi and Bluetooth wireless communication

19.RS485 matching resistor jumper

     Onboard reserved 120R matching resistor, enabled via jumper

20.Relays default control pin setting

】Enclosure Design

ABS Protection Enclosure With Rail-Mount Support, Easy To Install, Safe To Use

】Outline Dimensions

Support Batch Customization

Support Software And Hardware Customization

Including Hardware Interface, LOGO, Label, Case And Web Page, Etc.