Power Management HAT (B) User Guide

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  • Power Management HAT(B) is a power management control board for Raspberry Pi, which can provide a set of extremely powerful power management for Raspberry Pi, such as timing switch machine, measuring working voltage and current, etc. The load transient response function enables fast switching among multiple power supplies.


  • Onboard MCU (RP2040), powerful performance, easy to use.
  • The onboard RTC clock chip (PCF85063) can provide precise time control.
  • The on-board buck-boost DC-DC chip (MP28167-A) provides fast load transient response.
  • The on-board lithium battery interface provides power supply anti-reverse connection and anti-backflow mechanism to fully ensure the safety of the circuit.
  • The onboard RP2040 pin interface is compatible with the Raspberry Pi Pico standard interface, and can be equipped with a PICO expansion board.
  • The onboard custom button can be used as the power button to realize the power-on, software shutdown and forced shutdown of the Raspberry Pi.
  • The input power voltage can be detected, the working current can be detected, and the power can be cut off immediately to ensure the working life of the lithium battery.


  • Main control chip: RP2040
  • Communication interface: UART + GPIO
  • Download interface: USB + SWD (Debug)
  • Communication baud rate: default 115200bps (other baud rates can be programmed)
  • Power supply mode: USB interface or PH2.0 interface
  • USB interface voltage: 5V
  • PH2.0 interface voltage: 3.3-4.2V (3.7V lithium battery)
  • Built-in circuit: battery anti-reverse connection circuit, anti-backflow circuit, current and voltage detection circuit
  • Product size: 56.5mm x 65mm
  • Fixed hole diameter: 3.0mm

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