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Raspberry Pi X735 V3.0 User Guide


There are 5 version of X735: V1.0, V2.0, V2.1, V2.5 V3.0:

Version 3.0(Updated on Mar. , 2022):

Some new features of X735 v3.0:

  • Support width voltage DC 6V-30V input (only DC port), you still can use 5V PSU via type-c or micro usb port.
  • Remove the latching switch connector(the latching switches are no longer supported.), and add a XH2.54 5V OUT connector;
  • Replace the L-SW jumper with FAN FS jumper to control the PWM fan;

Because we found that there are some beginner who don't know how to install the script to make the PWM fan run, or the installation script doesn't support 3rd party OS, at this time, you just need to remove the FAN FS jumper, the PWM fan will run at full speed.

Some new features of X735 v2.5:

Version 2.5(Updated on Mar. 15th, 2021):

Some new features of X735 v2.5:

  • Use the silent PWM cooling fan, and support fan speed is control by script, support read fan speed, and we provide sample python code.
  • You must install shell script to enable the PWM fan work fine since it's a PWM fan, refer to X735 V2.5 Software
  • Support TRUE AUTO ON function (in the old version,the power management function is disabled if AUTO ON is enabled)
  • Considering that some customers use X735 together with other DAC shield, we adjusted the GPIO pins used.
  • Please install shell script to get safe shutdown function. please refer to X735 V2.5 Software
  • Remove the 2pin power cable from X735 v2.5
  • No any size changes.


A: How to detect that the X735 v2.5 hardware is working fine?

Q: DON'T insert the X735 V2.5 into the Pi 4 board, only power the X735 v2.5 alone, then press the on-board switch, fan rotation means hardware is ok.


The X735 is a multifunctional expansion board for all current models of the Raspberry Pi using a 40-pin header. It provides intelligent and safe power management, safe shutdown and full poweroff through software, an automatic temperature controlled fan which enables the use of the Raspberry Pi in extreme conditions including very high temperature environments. The X735 also reserves the 40-pin header that can be stacked with other Raspberry Pi accessory boards for enhanced applications.

At the same time, x735 reserve two kind of 4PIN power switch (momentary switch and latching switch) port, you can connect the additional power switch to safe control the power on/power off;

Important Note

  1. Full power off via software is not supported when using a external latching switch;
  2. "L-SW" Jumper on X735 should be removed when using onboard switch / momentary switch;
  3. "Auto On" Jumper on X735 should be removed when using external switch;
  4. Both "L-SW" & "Auto On" Jumper caps should be removed when using momentary switch;
  5. Support 4 kinds of power supply: Micro USB, Type C(rccommend), DC5525 port (recommend), XH2.54. (Do not power the Raspberry Pi via the Raspberry Pi's Micro-USB socket)
  6. Don't use this X735 power mgnt board with other power mgnt board like X725, X750, X705, etc.
  7. When use X735 with X835/X832, please DO NOT power from X735, please power via X835/X832 DC 12V IN PORT.
  8. When use X735 with X825, X828, X829, X857, X856, X855, X820, X850, X872, X862, X860, X870, X822, X852, please power via X735.
  9. Don't use latching switch if you are using 'AUTO ON'
  10. Please power off the X735 when you toggle 'AUTO ON' function.


Intelligent and safe power management

  • Equipped with both momentary button and latching switch for easy power control
  • Press the momentary button or external momentary power switch to turn on
  • Press the momentary button or external momentary power switch and hold for 1~2seconds to reboot
  • Press the momentary button or external momentary power switch and hold for 3~7seconds to implement safe shutdown
  • Press the momentary button or external momentary power switch and hold for more than 8 seconds to force shutdown
  • Supports safe shutdown and full poweroff through software
  • On-board switch convenient to select latching or momentary power control switches
  • Press the latching power switch once to turn on and again to implement safe shutdown
  • On-board LED shows the status of power on, reboot and shutdown
  • On-board PH2.0 connectors allows to use external latching switch or momentary button
  • Powers the Raspberry Pi via the 40-pin header - no additional cabling required
  • Allows power input via DC jack or Micro-USB socket or XH2.54 connector
  • Allows power output via XH2.54 socket and or the 40-pin header

PWM Cooling Fan for X735 V2.5

  • Dedicated PWM cooling fan for Raspberry Pi
  • Air flow up to 6.01CFM and maximum speed of 5000 RPM
  • Smooth PWM adjustment provides a quiet experience
  • Real-Time fan speed reading
  • Programmable temperature and fan speed

Auto cooling function for X735 V2.1/V2.0

  • Dual trip point temperature controlled cooling fan
  • Auto-Control the fan for Cooling / quiet Operation
  • Board temperature ≤34C - Fan running at low speed
  • Board temperature ≥34C - Fan running at medium speed
  • Board temperature ≥45C - Fan running at full speed
  • On-board LEDs show the status of fan running low and high
  • No driver and additional setting required for the cooling fan


  • Reserved 40-pin stackable Header for Add-On Boards
  • Works with all current models of the Raspberry Pi using a 40 pin header
  • Fully compatible with our products X820, X850, X860, X870, X822, X852 to provide intelligent and safe power management
  • Four kinds of power source:(DC5525, Micro USB, Type C, XH2.54 2-Pin cable)

Power supply request

X735 support 4 kinds of power supply:

  • DC5525 port: Can provide up to 4A power supply capability.
  • Type C power port: specially designed for Raspberry Pi 4 Model B
  • Micro USB; Compatible with your original mirco usb power adapter
  • XH2.54 2Pin Cable: This is a flexible power supply

X735 V1.0 Installation Guide Manual

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