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Raspberry Pi Pico 1.54inch LCD User Guide

Raspberry Pi Pico 1.54inch LCD User Guide

Method 1 C Code (Raspberry Pi platform) 

1. Installation the compilation environment 

sudo apt-get install cmake --fix-missing

sudo apt-get install gcc-arm-none-eabi

SDK download

git clone -b master https://github.com/raspberrypi/pico-sdk.git

cd pico-sdk

git submodule update --init --recursive

The program needs to point to the SDK path

export PICO_SDK_PATH=../../pico-sdk 

(Change to your true path, Now you not need do this code , when you make program, you need this code )

2. Connect the hardware 

3. Run the program 

(1)Download, compile and run the c sample program of Pico 1inch54 LCD: (Green-1.54inch lcd Download: Pico 1inch54 LCD.zip(Blue-1.54inch lcd Download: Pico 1inch54 LCD.zip

   cd ~/Pico 1inch54 LCD /c/build

   sudo rm -rf ./*

   export PICO_SDK_PATH=../../pico-sdk

(Change to your true path )

   cmake ..

   make -j9

 After that, the uf2 file will be generated under the build. 

(2) Press and hold Pico's BOOTSEL and use the Micro USB cable to connect Pico to the Raspberry Pi's USB and then release 

Open the build folder in the actual program folder and pull the main.uf2 file into the above window



Run the screen program, the picture can be seen on the screen.

Run the screen program, the picture stays in the small square screen, press the button, the corresponding small square will be red. 

Method 2 python Code (Raspberry Pi platfrom) 

1.Installation Thonny IDE, 
Please refer to the official link 


2. Connect the hardware 



3. Run the program (Green-1.54inch lcd DownloadPico 1.54 LCD.pyBlue-1.54inch lcd Pico 1.54 LCD.py

Open the software 


Run the screen program, the screen flashes blue, red and white once.

Run the screen program, press the button, the screen displays the corresponding button name.