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1.8inch LCD for micro:bit User Guide


This is a colorful display module designed for the BBC micro:bit, 1.8inch diagonal, 160x128 pixels, capable of displaying 65K colors.

Tired of the 5x5 LED matrix? Time to get a tiny monitor for your micro:bit, this one would be the ideal choice.


  • Driver: ST7735S
  • Resolution: 160x128
  • Display color: RGB, 65K colors
  • Operating voltage: 3.3V
  • Dimension: 61mm x 51.5mm


PINmicro:bit PINDescription
MISOP14SPI data master input/slave output
MOSIP15SPI data master output/slave input
SCKP13SPI clock input
LCD_CSP16LCD chip selection
RAM_CSP2SRAM chip selection
DCP12LCD data/command
RSTP8LCD reset
BLP1LCD backlight

Programming Guide

Micor:bit has variety of programming methods like mbed, micropython, typescript and other programming methods, as well as code online websites which are abundant.

The official recommendation are two programming methods: typescript and micropython. Typescript is the graphical programming language.

Note:For this LCD, we only provide demo code of typescript


Typescript is a kind of graphical programming, its website is that: https://makecode.microbit.org/#

  • Open a browser and input the next URL

  • Create a new empty project

Click Project->New Project to create an empty project. Rename the project as LCD or any one you like to.

  • Add Packeage

You can get the package of 1.8inch LCD for micro;bit from github. Click More..->Add Package, then copy the URL to the Edittext. https://github.com/waveshare/WSLCD1in8

Note: add a space follow the address

The Blocks

  • Initiation

You need to initial LCD module first.

  • Clear the screen

Clear the screen to white. Create an buffer on RAM with the resolution size 160*128 and initial it to white.

  • Set the backlight

  • Send display data

With this block, it will send one frame of buffer to the LCD and display. Note: it is always following drawing operation

  • Draw point

Place the block before send display data. You can choose the position, color and size. For the screen, (1,1) is on top-left, and (160,128) is on bottom-right

There are tow way to set the color, the one is use the color block as above, another is to set the value (RGB565) by drag the slider.

  • Draw line

You can choose the the line's position, color, size and its sytle

solid line:

dotted line: just need to change the Style

  • Draw frame

Draw empty rectange:

Draw full rectange:

  • Draw circle

Draw empty circle:

Draw full circle:

  • Draw string

  • Partial refresh

You can set display windows and refresh it on LCD instead of full refresh

Initialize LCD, set the backlight and then draw a rectangle from (30, 30) to (80, 80)

Then set the display windows block and set its position