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Bus servo driver board designed for ST/SC series bus servos Compact size and easy integration


Date:2023-09-14 10:12
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Bus Servo Driver Board: Designed specifically for bus servos, integrating servo power supply function and servo control circuit.

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[] Do not include Raspberry Pi and Bus Servo


Bus Servo Driver Board: Designed specifically for bus servos, integrating servo power supply function and servo control circuit.


[] Used for connecting to a host computer or MCU to control the rotation of bus servos.

[] Can simultaneously control up to 253 ST/SC series bus servos (provided sufficient power).

[] 9-12.6V voltage input (input voltage must match the servo voltage).

[] Provides a convenient solution for bus servo control.

[] Integrated stable control circuit, ensuring stable operation of the bus servos.

[] Miniature and compact, space-saving, suitable for embedding into projects with high space requirements.


[] Power Supply Voltage: DC 9~12.6V (ST series servos)

[] Power Interface: 5.5*2.1mm DC

[] Communication Interface: UART

[] Product Dimensions: 42.00 x 33.00mm

[] Mounting Hole Diameter: 2.50mm

[] Mounting Hole Spacing: 37.00 x 28.00mm

Main Applications

[] Can provide feedback on various servo information: position, speed, torque lock, operating mode (servo mode, servo motor mode, etc.). Suitable for advanced projects that require closed-loop automatic control.

[] Can be used for building robots such as quadrupeds, hexapods, robotic arms, etc., that require multiple servos.

[] Miniature and compact, suitable for embedding into robotics projects with high space requirements.

The image is for illustration purposes only. Please refer to the configuration list for specific details.

Support for controlling multiple types of bus servos

[] Supports control of ST/SC series bus servos. The DC power interface directly supplies power to the servos, and the corresponding power voltage can be selected based on the servo used.

Caution: It is not recommended to mix ST series and SC series servos. When using servos of the same series but different models simultaneously, please ensure that the voltage meets the requirements of all servos.

Control via Serial Bus

[] Can simultaneously control up to 253 SC and ST series bus servos, and can read the operating status and various feedback information from each servo.


One UART can control up to 253 bus servos, but due to the high power consumption of the servos, it is necessary to consider whether the power supply scheme can meet the requirements when using a large number of servos.

Multiple Power Input Interfaces

[] Onboard DC5521 socket and terminal blocks for easy integration into existing projects.

Support for Multiple Control Modes

[] Control mode can be switched by selecting A or B through jumper caps.

【Control via USB, Easy to Use

[] Simply connect the driver board to the computer using a USB cable to easily control the bus servos and receive servo data feedback, accelerating the prototyping of your project.

【Control via UART, Wide Compatibility

[] For devices without a USB interface, bus servos can be directly controlled via a serial connection. An SDK compatible with various hardware platforms is provided. For more information, please refer to the product's WIKI page.

Note: The images are for illustration purposes only. This product does not include the servos, mainboard, or host mentioned above.

【Comprehensive Supporting Documentation Provided

【Interface Introduction

1. 5.5*2.1mm DC power supply interface

2. Power terminal for power connection

3. USB Type-C interface

4. Control mode conversion interface

5. Bus servo control interface

6. UART communication interface

【Product Showcase

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