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ESP32 Arduino IDE Tutorial

一、1.Steps to install Arduino IDE

Download Arduino IDE : https://www.arduino.cc/en/software


二、Import ESP32 chip package

2.1. Open Arduino IDE and click File, then click Preferences

After clicking, the following page will appear. Copy the link 


And paste it in the location shown in the screenshot below

2.2. Click Tools

Search for "esp32" in the search bar, and click "INSTALLED". A pop-up window will appear, then click OK and wait for installation to complete

After installation, you can use the ESP32 series of chip packages. For example, you can choose the ESP32 -C3 series

三. Import required libraries

3.1. Click Sketch

3.2. Click "include library"

3.3. Click "manage Libraries"

3.4. Search for "U8g2"

3.5.Click "INSTALLED" to install

3.6. Repeat steps 4-5 to install the following libraries:






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