Raspberry Pi M4-FAN-3007 User Guide


Dedicated 3007 Cooling Fan For Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 CM4,

Low Noise, With Thermal Tapes, 5V/12V Power Supply(Optional)


  • VERSION: 3007-5V
  • RATED POWER: 1W (5V, 0.2±0.02A)
  • RATED SPEED: 5000±10%RPM
  • VERSION: 3007-12V
  • RATED POWER: 1.62W (12V, 0.135±0.02A)
  • RATED SPEED: 8000±10%RPM
  • GENERAL: Low-profile, PWM speed adjustment
  • INTERFACE: 4-wire PWM speed-adjustable fan header
  • CABLE LENGTH: 90±10mm
  • DIMENSIONS: 54×39×13mm

   How To Install

1. Attach thermal tapes onto the CM4

2. Fix the screws as the pictures shown

   Compatible With CM4 Series Products

* indicates that only support the 3007-5V version

for more compatible modules, please check this link

Price: $7.89
Part Number: CM4-FAN-3007
Brand: Spotpear
SKU: 0108237