2.2inch TFT display User Guide


  • 2.2 inch color screen, support 16BIT RGB 65K color display, display rich colors
  • 320X240 resolution, clear display
  • Using SPI serial bus, only a few IOs can light up the display
  • With SD card slot for easy expansion of experiments
  • Provide rich sample programs
  • Military-grade process standards, long-term stable work
  • Provide underlying drive technology support 

Product parameter

Name Parameter
Display colorRGB 65K color
Types ofTFT
Driver chipILI9341
Resolution320*240 (Pixel)
Module interface4-wire SPI interface
Effective display area (AA area)33.84x45.12(mm)
Module PCB backplane size40.10x67.20(mm)
Operating temperature
storage temperature-30℃~70℃
VCC power supply voltage3.3V~5V
Logic IO port voltage3.3V(TTL)
Power consumptionTBD
Weight (including packaging)22 (g)


Serial numberPin labelDescription 
1VCC5V/3.3V power input
3CSLCD chip select signal, low level enable
4RESETLCD reset signal, low level reset
5DC/RSLCD screen register/data selection signal, low level: register, high level: data
6SDI/MOSISPI bus write data signal
7SCKSPI bus clock signal
8LEDBacklight control, light up at high level, if no control is needed, connect to 3.3V constant light
9SDO/MISOSPI bus read data signal, if you don’t need the read function, you can leave it 
Price: $5.89
Part Number: RPI-3.5inch-LCD-CASE
Brand: Spotpear
SKU: 0107014