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Milk-V Duo 【Camera Tutorial】 CAM-GC2083


[]  camera-Hardware schematics

[]  duo_camera_test_v0.2.tar.gz


CAM-GC2083 is equipped with GLAXYCORE's GC2083 CMOS Image Sensor, providing up to 2MP resolution. It is compatible with the 16P MIPI CSI interface on the Milk-V Duo board.


Optical size: 1/3 inch

Pixel size: 2.7μm×2.7μm FSI

Active image size: 1920× 1080

Color Filter: RGB Bayer

Output formats:  Raw Bayer 10bit/8bit

Power supply requirement:  AVDD28:2.7~2.9V(Typ.2.8V)

DVDD:Generated by the intemalregulator (Typ.1.2V)   IOVDD: 1.7~1.9V(Typ. 1.8V)

Power Consumption:   128mW@Full Size @30fps

Frame rate:   30fps@Full Size

PLL support   Frame sync support (master/slave)    Windowing support    Mirror and Flip support

Analog Gain:   64X(Max)

Sensitivity:  3.24V/lux.s

Dynamic range:   74dB

MAX SNR:  37dB

FPC Interface PIN Definition

Pin NO.
Pin NO.
 9        MIPI0_CKP
10        GND
11        SENSOR_RSTN
12        SENSOR_CLK
5          MIPI0_DN1
13         I2C_SCL
6          MIPI0_DP1
14         I2C_SDA
7          GND
15         /
8          MIPI0_CKN
16         3V3


This test is only used to verify if the camera is functioning properly. It runs a test program on Duo to stream video,
and then using VLC media player on a PC to receive the video stream.

1] Make sure you can SSH into the Duo device using USB networking (RNDIS).
The default firmware SSH username and password are root/milkv.

2] Download the test file package from the link provided


3] Transfer it to Duo using SCP or any other method.

scp duo_camera_test_v0.2.tar.gz root@

4] Execute the program
Log in to the Duo terminal

ssh root@

Unpack the test package

tar zxf duo_camera_test_v0.2.tar.gz -C /

Enter the test program directory

cd /mnt/data/install/

Execute the test program to start streaming

./CviIspTool.sh 64M

In normal circumstances, the terminal will display the following log at the end

VPSS init with src (1920, 1080) dst (1920, 1080).
CVI_VPSS_CreateGrp:0, s32Ret=0
[REMOTE] cvi_raw_dump_run,158: raw dump ready...
waiting for connect...


5] Play video by VLC media player

The link starting with 'rtsp:', replace the IP with the IP address of Duo, and that will be the streaming address to use in VLC media player.

On your PC, open VLC media player. Go to the 'Media' menu and select 'Open Network Stream' In the 'Network' tab, enter the following URL in the 'Please enter a network URL' field.


Click 'Play' and you will be able to see the streaming video from the camera.